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Alice Sebold had remained silent throughout Anthony Broadwater’s exoneration process. In her statement Tuesday, she said it had taken her eight days since his conviction was overturned to “comprehend how this could have happened.”

Families at a pop-up COVID-19 clinic in southeast Washington got a surprise as former President Barack Obama and Dr. Anthony Fauci showed up to thank them for getting vaccinated.

Kings lead the Lakers 28-20 after the opening quarter. Davion Mitchell with 8 points for Sacramento, Anthony Davis 9 for the Lakers. Russell Westbrook with 4 turnovers in that period, De'Aaron Fox had 3

Anthony Davis jammed his thumb on a Kings player earlier in the 1st Q, and had it wrapped as a precaution, but he remains in the game.

Fiber internet tycoon Dennis Anthony H. Uy of Pampanga joined the board of Axiado Corp., a Silicon Valley startup producing cutting-edge security processors used in data centers and mobile networks. | @miguelrcamusINQ 

Though the omicron variant has yet to be identified in the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci laid out steps Americans can take to combat the newly identified strain.

Anthony Scaramucci’s flagship vehicle for investing in hedge funds increased its exposure to crypto-related assets by almost 150% during the third quarter

Anthony Arca, the Community Food Services Director of the East End Cooperative Ministry, was born and raised in Highland Park and grew up around food before graduating from the International Culinary Academy in 1994.

Vaccines and particularly boosters give you a level of antibody that even with variants like delta, give you a degree of cross-protection, particularly against severe disease,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said.

Though the omicron variant has yet to be identified in the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci laid out steps Americans can take to combat the newly identified strain.


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The suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade this week are a reminder: No matter how successful, wealthy or seemingly happy you are, we all battle our own demons. Reach out to one another. Destigmatize depression, addiction and anxiety. We are all in this together.

Free agent F Carmelo Anthony has agreed to a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, his manager Bay Frazier tells ESPN.

Some fans have noticed that Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown was scheduled to come off Netflix US on June 16. As of today, we’ve extended our agreement that will keep Parts Unknown on the service for months to come.

at a Covid testing site (wearing masks), handing over paperwork for me & two of my kids: woman looking over papers: "okay... Anthony, Keegan and Kadence... Hawk? Are you guys related to Tony Hawk?" me: yes her: "Are you pulling my leg?" me: no, we are all directly related to him

Once an avid runner, Dr. Anthony Fauci, now 79, power walks. Since receiving death threats, he is now accompanied by a security detail.

Joe Biden sniffs little girls. Hunter films himself smoking crack. Toobin plays with his penis while on a business Zoom call. Anthony Weiner shares photos of his wiener. Bill Clinton is a known sex predator. And these sickos say @realDonaldTrump ’s conduct is inappropriate!

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@Scaramucci , who just made a fool of himself as he got taken apart by @SteveHiltonx , only lasted 11 days in his favorite of all time Administration, before being fired for, again, making a fool of himself. Anthony is a loser who begged to come back. I said “No Thanks”.

“If carefully done, according to the guidelines, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do that (vote at polling place).” Doctor Anthony Fauci

BREAKING: Anthony Joshua has reached an agreement with Tyson Fury on a two-fight deal, says promoter Eddie Hearn.

Dr. Anthony Fauci answers some of the most pressing questions surrounding coronavirus: How is it spread? What makes it so insidious? What are the dangers of self-medicating? Can you get re-infected?