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Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer’s 'The Paths to Power' course is one of Stanford GSB’s most in-demand electives. But the class is not for everyone.

#ICYMI : Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer wanted to offer an elective on something “important, under-researched, and under-taught.” Power was an obvious choice:

Strategically, the U.S. and Israel do not see Iran similarly and their respective perceptions of threats dictate policies that are not at all in synch, Anshel Pfeffer writes

For every jihadist volunteer from the West, a thousand made the journey in the opposite direction @AnshelPeffer  Opinion

Western democracy has trounced the fundamentalists. 9/11 failed to change that, and neither will the scenes of the last few weeks in Kabul@AnshelPeffer  Opinion

Texas and the Taliban: Fundamentalists, their secular patrons and their war on women’s bodies @AnshelPfeffer  Opinion

Gantz and Abbas are both has-beens and the perfect custodians for a has-been diplomatic process, writes Anshel Pfeffer


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Israel is the first country to face a wave of infections despite a high vaccination rate. This creates a series of dilemmas regarding how to continue living with the pandemic post-vaccination, Anshel Pfeffer writes

Nancy Pfeffer, part of the Twitter “hivemind,” decided to meet her fellow Spelling Bee players in real life. “I gallivanted around the country by train and by car, to meet a series of strangers,” she writes. “The thing is, they didn’t feel like strangers.”

Netanyahu has been forced out of office not by his ideological opponents, but by the very men who once served him faithfully. He betrayed them one too many times, Anshel Pfeffer writes

Israel hasn’t been this close to replacing Netanyahu since 2009, but it’s not a done deal yet @AnshelPfeffer 

IL@AnshelPfeffer  on “Bibi’s tantrum” and what now for Israeli politics

late getting to this piece by @AnshelPfeffer  but it's excellent. And important for progressive Jews to grapple with

There’s a much deeper malaise behind the riots inside Israel in the last few days than just tension between Arabs and Jews. It’s a breakdown of any meaningful social charter between Netanyahu’s Israel and its citizens, Anshel Pfeffer writes

“But the reality is that you barely ever, if at all, get asked to show your pass.” Anshel Pfeffer reports from Israel where domestic ‘vaccine passports’ are proving a lot less useful than was envisaged.