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Complex piece by @Olivianuzzi ⁩ that will make you gag at the gall of the GOP: An Anonymous Republican on Power vs. Contempt for Trump

“If he loses in November, all the rats are gonna say that they were only working for him to save him from himself, which is bullsh*t" said the anonymous Republican. "Everyone loves power. Everyone likes to feel important."

How one anonymous, Trump-loathing Republican squares his love of power with his contempt for the president. @Olivianuzzi  reports

@jbrownajaxfan  "Never speaks truth to power, " says some anonymous jingoistic coward who thinks that the entire world is composed of the US Democratic Party and the Republican Party and can't see beyond that stunted prism:

In the anonymous op-ed writer's telling, they are one of a handful of secret heroes. But they're really primarily interested in maintaining power through the Republican Party.