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The View Suggests an 'Intervention' After Trump's 'Psychosis' With Fox's Bartiromo: 'He Just Needs to Go to Losers Anonymous'

The Fox story, reported by Malia Zimmerman & coordinated by then unpaid Fox contributor, Ed Butowsky, cited: a/ quotes from a private investigator (himself then a paid Fox contributor) whom they conceded on tape never said those words b/ anonymous sources never mentioned again

Laura Ingraham interviews an anonymous poll worker —complete with disguised voice. Fox News has jumped the shark...

Media malfeasance. From the NY Times pretending the “Anonymous” author was someone important to all networks (except Fox) totally ignoring the bombshell Biden& China pay-to-play scandal...journalism is in crisis.

@justinjm1  What about Fox getting verification from someone who received the emails? That seems more credible than anonymous newsroom gossip.

More Trump on Fox Business: "(Biden) was saying I said something about the graves of soldiers. Nobody respects the fallen soldier or the living soldier more than me. They made it up. It was an anonymous source. I had 25 people refute it."

In 2018/19, they got $15.9m from a single, anonymous source, which they are firehosing onto our public discourse to get Amy Coney Barrett seated before Trump and the Senate are ousted and banished to Fox News and the think-tank circuit. 3/

Fox's Jennifer Griffin: "My sources are not anonymous to me and I doubt they are anonymous [to] the president."

On 'The Interview' podcast this week, Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin responded to President Trump's attacks on her reporting — and defended the use of anonymous sources

Fox’s Jennifer Griffin calls out "complete hypocrisy" on the use of anonymous sources in reporting: "It’s my understanding that one of the biggest anonymous sources for the White House press corps is President Trump himself"


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“authors used anonymous location data from millions of cellphones to explore how the popularity of Fox News in a zip code related to social distancing. a 10% increase in Fox viewership reduced residents’ propensity to stay home by 1.3 percentage points”

Trump stood next to a sculpture in the Oval Office and told Fox it depicts former president Teddy Roosevelt. But it's an anonymous cowboy. Trump has been complaining of late that protesters toppling statues don't understand history.

Anonymous Fox producer: As the virus spreads, "the attempt to deflect and blame the media and Democrats from Trish Regan, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs, Jesse Watters, and Greg Gutfeld... is really irresponsible and hazardous to our viewers"

47 minutes That's how long President Trump was live with Fox & Friends If you missed it He said: - Hillary should be in jail - Holder better be careful - Warren has 0% Indian blood - The NYT probably write the anonymous op-ed - Bernie was killed by Hillary - America is great

President Trump retweeted a Fox News story that contained classified information leaked by anonymous sources

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President Trump retweeted a Fox News story that contained classified information leaked by anonymous sources

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Trump has access to whole US intel community, but he has to rely on anonymous Fox News stories to support his conspiracy theories.