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#DeltaPlus "Variant Of Concern", Says Centre, Warns Three States NDTV's Sukirti Dwivedi and Saurabh Gupta report Read more:

@BasuAshis  @swatichopra1L  @SAMPRADAYADanceata 's a wonder. Ditto Dr Chandra in Kakinada, and Perviz Madon, Bal Gupta, his son Sush, the Turlapatis...every June 23rd I think of Mark Stagg, a sailor traumatised by picking bodies from the Atlantic, saying the Air India families "take my breath away. " They keep the light on.

State Plans Separate Trial for Gupta Accused in Free State Criminal Case: #SouthAfrica 

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First post on the @business  Markets Live blog going up shortly. Thanks to @KritiGuptaNews 

Former senior executive Prish Govender tried to justify why payments to McKinsey and the Gupta-linked consulting firm continued in the absence of a contract

The expected number of per day vaccination is around 10 million to contain this pandemic, but the number is less than 3 million: Dr Arun Gupta@dr_arunkgupta ), President of Delhi Medical Council. Watch#BrassTacks  with @Zakka_Jacob .

Sharing his experience, Mohit Gupta, who works at an IT firm, said there are both pros and cons of working from home. "While this has ruined work-life balance, I'm thankful since it has kept me and my family safe."

Join our fireside chat with Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta to learn more about the DOJ’s priorities and Vanita’s vision as a leader. Register Now! #NRFLAWSUMMIT  #Retaillaw  #lawyers 

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Most relevant

Maddow segment on the beef John Cornyn has with Vanita Gupta:

Very bitter right-wing attacks have been launched against Kristen Clarke and Vanita Gupta. No surprise since they’re going to be the ones responsible for enforcing voting rights. Some people don’t want some people to vote.

Ankit Sharma. Gathered intelligence to protect this nation. In this nation, he is dragged by 40-50 people, undressed, tortured, face and upper body smashed with heavy objects till his last breath. This is my nation. #DelhiRiots2020  #ArrestTahirHussain 

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The context here is that as Texas attorney general, Cornyn gave an award to a crooked cop later exposed by Gupta for framing 38 mostly black Texans for crimes they didn’t commit, and he has not only not forgiven her for it, he thinks he can pretend it never happened.

Sanjay Gupta with some real talk about some of the meds Trump is on (including the steroid) - it makes you have false energy and engage in behavior that is not what the doctor would like to see.

Judging by Sunanda Pushkar case, Delhi Police had bluffed by asking for a second and third opinion on whether there was poison in her body. Finally after BJP came to power the opinion of the AIIMS Forensic Dept Head Dr. Sudhir Gupta prevailed. Mumbai Police should ask him

Proud of youngsters like Saibaa and Saisha Gupta. They are raising awareness on defeating Coronavirus. Have a look at this video.

Not just Ajay Pandita. Stand up for Bandhu Pal and his lovely family, the Palghar sadhus, Rituparna Pegu, Ankit Sharma, Chandan Gupta, Prashanth Poojary, Ramalingam and hundreds of others butchered in their own land. #HinduUnitedAgainstTerror 

Delhi: RSS workers distribute ration among sex workers in GB Road. "We prepared a list of 986 sex workers living here & categorized them into 250 joints (groups of workers living together). Today, we distributed 250 kits," says Anil Gupta, Joint General Secretary, Delhi RSS.

‘Was IB official Ankit Sharma killed for probing Tahir Hussain’s Bangladesh terror links?’ asks Swamy