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NGO tasks FG on free sanitary monthly for sec sch girls in Nigeria#vanguardnews 

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NGO tasks FG on free sanitary monthly for sec sch girls in Nigeria

@reddit  r/TaxPros: Provider Relief Funds - expenses for owners pay Sch C - Cross post: I'm trying to figure out how to reflect the owners pay by quarter for phase 4 application. Owner pays himself irregularly throughout the year.… #IRS  #income  #tax 

The @ClarkCountySch  it will offer free meals to all students through the 2024-25 school year. #RJNow 

COMMENTARY: Academics is clearly not a priority in the @ClarkCountySch  District →

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This election has forced a generational shift in German politics | Anke Hassel

14 yr-old stabbed & killed #Waterbury  *did NOT happen at school. Dist statement: Wtby Pub Sch. community suffered tremendous loss. On Wed, a student tragically killed in a senseless act of violence. Deepest condolences to the family. Crisis team mobilized. We will come together

Thanks, Anke! Some runners were truly amazing, as always!

LOCKDOWN: #CCSD  Police report that Cheyenne High School in North Las Vegas is on lockdown. #8NN  @ClarkCountySch 


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Dr. Henrik Hager, Prof. Ed Schuuring, Dr. Anke Homann and Dr Fabrice Magnino provide insights into how Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (CGP) is being applied to deal with the complexity of (NSCLC). #ESMO21 

Parents at Dalton Sch. fight back against “anti-racist” agenda: “Every class has had an obsessive focus on race & identity, “racist cop” reenactments in science, “de- centering whiteness” in art, learning about white supremacy in health...Many of us do not feel welcome any more.”

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LOOK: Vice President Leni Robredo meets with Germany Ambassador to the PH Anke Reiffenstuel, who paid a visit to the VP's office today. Photos by Charlie Villegas/OVP | via @maracepeda 

Can’t/won’t rule out 2nd national lockdown but current plan, which cld happen next week, is to have nationwide restrictions - a hybrid if you like btwn full lockdown & current situation - with bars etc closed & all of us being asked to stay home bar ‘essential travel’ to work/sch

Latest on how our lives might change again - National restrictions as early as next wk. At home unless at work/sch for limited time - Attempt to “hammer down” disease. Fears cases cld rise to Spring levels by mid-Oct PM considering national restrictions >

School sics cops on 11-year-old after seeing a BB gun in his house during virtual lessons, says it's no different than bringing a gun to sch

Step Two > June 1 - Sch: Prepare to open. Yr 1 & 6 back 1st. All primary back for one month b4 hols. Sec sch only year 10 & 12 will have face to face contact - Culture/sporting events allowed behind closed doors - Open non-essential retail (not hospitality or personal care) 18/

From today, Vic pharmacists can receive digital images of Sch4 prescriptions (eg via email) from a prescriber without relying on the original / faxed copy. This means for patients self-isolating, their GP can email their pharmacist who can arrange delivery to their home #springst 

The sun sets, the moon rises & the twisted arms @JoshuaTreeNPS  reach for a pink sky. Pic courtesy of Anke Kuballa#California  #FindYourPark 

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We know that Victorians in quarantine due to #COVID-19  might find it harder to access their GP. From today Victorian pharmacists can continue to supply Sch4 prescription medications to their patients without a prescription in emergency circumstances #springst