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Sen. Angus King was reportedly being considered for the top intelligence role, but Avril Haines was tapped for the position instead.

WATCH: @PatrickDempsey  sat down with @CindyNEWSCENTER  to talk about his surprise return to @GreysABC  and how Sen. Angus King's wife played a major role.

NEWS CENTER Maine's Cindy Williams talked with Dempsey about how the "Grey's Anatomy" reunion talk reignited, and how Sen. Angus King's wife played a major role.

Angus King warns Trump's firing of cybersecurity czar could lead to ‘severe damage’ for the country

"Dr. Shelton’s fringe views, including her support for a return to the gold standard, are dangerous in the best of times; in the middle of this crisis, they could be downright catastrophic," Sen. Angus King said in a statement.

“Of all the things this president has done, this is the worst,” said angus king'>Senator Angus King, who led a commission on improving cyberdefenses. “To strike at the heart of the democratic system is beyond anything we have seen from any politician.”

Sen. Angus King remarks on Chris Kreb firing: 'By firing him for doing his job, President Trump is harming all Americans'

Rubio calls Biden president-elect when asked about Sen. Angus King as his potential DNI, via pool: "Well, that'll be the president-elect's decision, obviously...It’s a little premature for that but yeah I get along with him well," he said of King

President-Elect Biden Considering Maine Senator Angus King For Director Of National Intelligence

Maine Sen. Angus King is reportedly on the list of possible names for director of national intelligence under President-elect Biden, writes @KevinMillerPPH  .


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“On June 25, Sens. Rand Paul, Angus King, Mike Crapo, and Mike Lee reintroduced their bill, the “Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration Act,” to limit civil asset forfeiture and restore due process rights.”

Per Dem source on Senate Democrats call w PENCE AND COVID TASK FORCE: "almost every question from senate dems has been about testing… It got to the point that Senator Angus King just said to Pence, et al: “I have never been so mad about a phone call in my life”."

All 53 Republicans, 10 Dems & angus king'>Independent Angus King supported the amendment introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz. It expressly praised @POTUS  @realDonaldTrump , who ordered the strike that took out the terrorist leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

Sen. Angus King says his staffers read aloud the transcript released by the WH of the conversation between Trump & Ukraine’s president and it lasted 10min. 40sec. but the call lasted 30min. “If there was no translator…what’s in the other 20min. of that discussion?” he asked.

Watch this intense exchange between Sen. Angus King and intelligence chiefs: "I don't understand why you're not answering our questions."

Angus King is a Fake Independent who votes with Schumer 88% of the time. Angus wants to repopulate Maine with Syrian and Somalian refugees. Support who fights for secure borders and Better Jobs for Maine. #me  #maine 

New letter - signed by Lindsey Graham, Jeanne Shaheen, Joni Ernst, Angus King, Tom Cotton and Marco Rubio - to Trump demanding he “reconsider” Syria move. “The withdrawal of American presence from Syria also bolsters two other adversaries to the United States, Iran and Russia.”

Collins is apparently worried about a 2020 primary challenge if she votes no. But she’ll lose the general if she votes yes. Obvious solution: Follow Angus King example and run and win as an independent. If she lets McConnell bully her, she deserves to lose.

Sen. Angus King says he will push to hire former FBI Director Comey to lead Senate panel's probe into Russia ties