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‘Legitimising’ violence? Macron takes on the Anglo-American press

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‘Legitimising’ terrorists? Macron picks a fight with the Anglo-American press

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‘Legitimising’ violence? Macron takes on the Anglo-American press via @FRANCE24 

Anglo-American friends: a county commissioner is like a local council election? Or is it smaller than that? Parish council?

The President vs. the American Media - Macron has issues with "Anglo-American" press coverage of what #France  is going through

HSBC has made clear that its business destiny is in China. Its board, however, remains an Anglo-American affair. Says HSBC's CEO: “You’ve got to look at our experience, not just the nationality."

No, not that president. A European one. And his comments resonate for a country, like Canada, where the Anglo press, too, is often similarly criticized by Quebec politicians and pundits. "The President vs. the American Media" #media 

Liberum stays at 'buy' on Anglo American after Chinese industrial production data


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With Anglo-American propaganda now rampant, the truth about the overthrow of Gough Whitlam's reformist govt in 1975 provides a rare glimpse of how criminal power works. This piece by Guy Rundle breaks the current silence.

The Queen's private Secretary, Sir Martin Charteris, was up to his neck in the 1975 coup against the Australian govt of Gough Whitlam. But Charteris did not act alone. This was an Anglo-American coup, and no amount of historical amnesia will change that truth. The Queen’s cur

Hugh Hewitt 2/16 on Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland: “Republicans are under no obligation to hold a hearing much less a vote” Hewitt 9/18 decrying allegations against Kavanaugh: “Seriously, due process is a real concept, deeply embedded in Anglo-American law and politics”

Russia orders closure of the Anglo-American school. Russia is no longer a family posting for US/UK/Canada diplomats.

Here’s then-Senator Obama using the term “Anglo-American” as correctly and appropriately as Sessions did, in a speech from 2006. We must not consent to lose our language at the behest of the historically illiterate.

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Outraged by the term “Anglo-American heritage”? You may be very stupid.

Reminder that our Attorney General is an outright racist who wants us all to acknowledge "Anglo-American heritage."

What exactly is the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement?

Russian authorities order closure of the Anglo-American School of Moscow in response to sanctions, US official says.

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