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'We've reached a tipping point now.' Executive producer Andy Townsend and @piersmorgan  discuss the possible link between heading a football and dementia. Andy says there needs to be a 'serious debate' about the issue. Watch GMB 👉

👀 “If they persist with [his style], I worry for them...” 🤔 “I wonder what the #LUFC  fans would say if their #PL  status became debatable?” 💭 “Could he change? Should he change? Will he change?” Andy Townsend questions if Bielsa’s style could harm Leeds this season ⚪️

Andy Townsend was a joy to work with today - great opinions, interesting musical choices, funny stories. Let's see what Tuesday Drive brings - standard is high @Carra23  - bring your Istanbul game, not your own goal game! 😁 Join us 4-7 @talkSPORT 

🙏 “It’s getting to the area of thinking about finding Aguero’s successor.” 😫 “To me, if he’s not playing regularly he’ll start to struggle.” ❌ “Man City don’t counter-attack like they did with devastating pace.” Andy Townsend says #MCFC  must look at replacing Aguero soon 🔵

Paul Kimmage meets Andy Townsend: The loss of his father, Big Jack and the gaining of a treasured possession

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July 2020 will be remembered by Andy Townsend as the month when he lost his father and a father figure. He remembers both for the rich lives they lived.

Happy birthday, Andy Townsend! 🥳 A former captain and two-time League Cup-winning Villan! 🏆🏆 #AVFC 

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IEHappy 57th birthday to @FAIreland  Hall of Famer Andy Townsend. We hope you celebrate like you did on those #WorldCup  days at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris & Giants Stadium 🥳

Happy 57th Birthday former Republic of Ireland midfielder Andy Townsend, have a great day my friend

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"He turned around and the lads were laughing. And Andy Townsend went: ‘Jack, you’ve got their U21s on.’"


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Does Ole deserve the job on a full-time basis at ? Andy Townsend thinks he should be given it on the flight home! ✈️??️

Ian Wright and Andy Townsend have given their choice for the best team in 25 years of the Premier League, who do you agree with? #TheDebate 

Clive 'what's a good result for England tonight?' Andy Townsend 'a victory, Clive' - God I've missed Townsends razor sharp analysis.

The people attacking the ITV studios may have just listened to 90minutes of Andy Townsend cliches. Just saying.

Andy Townsend scoring for Chelsea against Walsall in the League Cup 25 years ago... #CFC 

If only Pep Guardiola could hear Andy Townsend's words of wisdom, this tie could have been oh so different.

Andy Townsend's just getting weird now.

Andy Townsend has his trousers off and is swinging them round his head, get in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And there it is the first of many times over the next few weeks we will hear Andy Townsend rock out the 'I've seen them given' cliche.

No Adrian Chiles or Andy Townsend, we'll have the volume on for this one.