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😫 “One of the worst #WHUFC  teams ever & we’ve lost 6 points to them!” 😡 “West Ham’s league position is a disgrace! Their players should give their wages back!” 🙏 “If they’re relegated, & please let that happen, it’s worth 6 points to us!” EPIC rant from #CFC  fan Andy Jacobs

"I just found last night so utterly depressing." "I find this whole 'White Lives Matter' argument so spurious." "So racist in itself." Incredibly powerful words from @tSHandJ 's Andy Jacobs.

Live on The Warm Up, Andy & Sue Jacobs were trying to beat the world record for a table tennis rally 🏓 They came so, so close 😩 “I cannot believe that!” 😡 Watch Andy's reaction at the end, he was furious 🤣

COVID-19 nearly took the life of Bellevue resident Andy Jacobs, who was placed on a ventilator and spent two weeks in the hospital.

NOW: Hawksbee & JacobsComing up: 13:15: Football agent Phil Smith 13:45: @sweirz  Scottish football latest 14:30: We hear from @SimonDelaneyEsq  14:45: Andy's wife joins the show! 📱 Tweet → @tSHandJ  📻 Listen

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🗣️ @bignarstie : "You blessed?" 🗣️ Andy Jacobs: "I'd say so, yes." 😂 Last week, @tSHandJ  had Big Narstie on the show to talk about his new book. 📚 Great conversation with the UK rapper. 👏

NOW: Hawksbee & Jacobs 🔁 @BakersTweet  in for AndyComing up: 13:45: 🥊 talk with @SpencerOliver  14:15: @hugosouthwell  & @RupertMoon  14:30: John Motson's #PL  preview 15:30: Clips of the week! 📱 Tweet → @tSHandJ  📻 Listen

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NOW: Hawksbee & Jacobs 🔁 @BakersTweet  in for AndyComing up: 13:15: @henrywinter  talks #WHUFC  13:30: @JamesMerry17  pops in! 14:15: Boxing chat with @ConorNigel  14:45: Racing latest with @Rupertbell  📱 Tweet → @tSHandJ  📻 Listen

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NOW: Hawksbee & Jacobs 🔁 @BakersTweet  in for AndyComing up: 13:15: Latest sport with @MartinLipton  13:30: @GeoffThomasGTF  calls in 14:45: @kevinhatchard  talks Haaland 15:30: @DWindass10  on Jarrod Bowen 📱 Tweet → @tSHandJ  📻 Listen

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? “I’m can’t think of a worse performance in English sporting history.” ??????? “It’s pitiful by England.” ? “I’m going to send @DillianWhyte  there to beat every player up!” ? “It’s beyond disgusting!” Andy Jacobs is FUMING after England were bowled out for 85 in #ENGvIRE !

“I hate it!” ? “I hate the place, I hate the grass, I hate the sport, I hate the people who queue.” “I hate all of it. Wimbledon is sport for people who don’t like sport.” ? Must listen rant from Andy Jacobs on why he hates #Wimbledon  ??

"Allardyce, Dave Bassett or I could get more out of these players!" "Lampard could have come in and that's what the club needs." "Sarri clearly isn't up to the job... it's gone horribly wrong!" ? Andy Jacobs is seething after #CFC 's 4-0 loss to Bournemouth!

"They are absolutely hopeless." "Sarri is wasting the best player in the league." "Chelsea are the worst run top club in Europe... everything about it is a disaster." ? You have to hear Andy Jacobs's incredible rant about #CFC .

'The low point was January to May where he was playing for the sack' Chelsea fan Andy Jacobs reacts to manager Conte's sacking. ? ? | #TSWorldCup 

? "You won the game so shut up!" Andy Jacobs wasn't happy with Modric's post-match comments last night. ? ? | #TSWorldCup 

"I'd get rid of Conte before the FA Cup final" ? It's safe to say that 's Andy Jacobs cannot WAIT for Conte to leave ! [? #CFC  ]

USC guard Julian Jacobs told ESPN that he will sign with an agent and forgo his remaining college eligibility. Huge hit for Andy Enfield.