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Wherein @generalityiii ⁩ breaks down the “critical theory” discourse and absolutely buries Andrew Sullivan.

My favorite Andrew Sullivan memory is meeting him while I was running social media for The Atlantic and, upon describing my role to him, having him pronounce, to my face, "so you don't do anything, then"

Andrew Sullivan has that Big Briefly-Joined-The-MFA-Progam-Only-To-Spend-A-Semester-Shitting-On-Everyone-Before-Dropping-Out-To-Do-LSD-In-His-Apartment-For-Eight-Weeks-Before-Getting-Evicted-And-Moving-Back-To-Live-With-Mom-In-Tallahassee Energy

"Both [Andrew Sullivan and Bari Weiss] seem to have found safe spaces of their own already." My wife makes me laugh.

- Andrew Sullivan--who clearly has been phoning it in for quite a while--moved on from a job at a company that laid off a huge portion of its staff. 4. Since the evidence is so clearly weak, they all go to: yeah, but it is having a stifling effect elsewhere. 5/

@RyanLizza  @OsitaNwanevuJames  Bennett, Bari Weiss, and Andrew Sullivan, are terrible examples, each with its own distinct dynamics. It is not a trend. They're not even similar cases. David Shor is the strongest argument, but tells more about nonprofit fundraising than some broad culture issue.

@bloggerton  @flux_How  fu @lukecmahlerc  @mtaibbik  @sullydishing  simple can this be? It proves that having shitty, reactionary, racist views isn’t the reason Andrew Sullivan was driven out of NY since plenty of journalists for whom that’s also true - such as the ones I named - are gainfully employed. So it must be something else.

Every debate about speech now devolves into absurd parodies. Evey provocation is crying fire in a crowded theater. Every hypothetical is, "Would you have allowed Hitler to speak in 1932?" Matt Yglesias is a transphobe, and Andrew Sullivan is now a creationist...


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I am very annoyed by Canadian and British immigrants like Andrew Sullivan and David Frum writing that they are the good kind of immigrants, and that immigrants from countries in Asia and Africa must be kept out to preserve "cultural cohesion".

Andrew Sullivan takes on the elite media and its role in the Covington Catholic debacle. His piece is devastating.

Don't often agree with Andrew Sullivan, but he's a real voice of reason here.

Andrew Sullivan to President Trump: "You keep telling us things that are not true. Can you please stop this?"

The Andrew Sullivan take is so old that Martin Luther King was shooting it down in 1966

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Andrew Sullivan says it's time to talk publicly about Trump's "mental stability." Here's a preview of my interview

It's worth reiterating the evidence in front of our nose that this republic is in danger, writes Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan on Barack Obama's presidency:

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