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'That could force often young, desperate and vulnerable people in a brutally competitive industry to reveal, explain and perhaps even prove their sexuality' - Andrew Dickens

We’re drifting in a desert of narcissism and insecurity with nothing to sustain us but a misguided belief that people want to know what we’re up to on an hourly basis, writes Andrew Dickens

How climate change is causing African jihadism and the migration crisis — Exclusive interview with documentary maker Reza Pakravan - Andrew Dickens

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'The US likes to tell other countries how to run their #elections  and yet it prevents over 5 million of its own citizens from voting: #prisoners  and ex-offenders. That’s a crime against democracy and First Degree Hypocrisy,' writes Andrew Dickens

Andrew Dickens: You can't blame anyone else - National was basically unelectable

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‘Conspiracy theorists exist because governments act conspiratorially – and it’s not always that hidden.’ - Andrew Dickens@andrewdickens )

'Amid clear signs of a resurgence in #COVID19 , governments are easing #lockdown  restrictions. But don’t you worry – they’ve found a way to make sure they can point the finger of blame at the public' - Andrew Dickens@andrewdickens )

'Nothing changed for black people, but something did change in black people....They were now prepared to fight back.' - Andrew Dickens

'History isn’t ‘being erased’ by the removal of statues. It’s been erased over centuries by those in power. The only way to judge the past properly is by teaching ALL history – good, bad and downright ugly' - Andrew Dickens@andrewdickens 

'If you weren’t vocal in condemning the brutal murder of a living human being, then it’s hard to justify your anger over a 125-year-old lump of bronze being torn down.' - Andrew Dickens

'Making white people feel guilty. Sounds familiar.' - Andrew Dickens

'If you’re happy in a world where leaders can throw your money in the direction of their latest bunk-up and get away with it, carry on as you were. If you’re not, well, I rest my case.' - Andrew Dickens

If you think it's all coincidence that Andrew Lincoln got to choose his TWD exit & Daryl is basically unkillable, and that Kim Dickens & Mary McDonnell were treated the way they were when they were their show's leads, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.