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Today's Herald-Sun front page. "Nicky Winmar says it's time to turn the page on racism". Now turn actual page to P19. Oh look, it's Andrew Bolt insisting the "stolen generations are a myth". This hypocrisy now so ingrained in the business model no-one bats an eyelid. It's sick.

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says what he most fears is China "bullying us into shutting our mouths" as China apologists tell Australia to temper its rhetoric toward the global power.

ANDREW BOLT: Josh Frydenberg didn’t once mention surpluses in his budget speech. So either the Liberals were fooling us when they claimed they mattered, or they’re fooling us now by pretending they don’t.

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the federal government is set to deliver a "Labor-like budget" tomorrow.

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the “one thing” he really wants to see in tomorrow’s federal budget is spending to “give us a proper quarantine system”.

ABC Chairman Ita Buttrose "imagines the ABC is the only thing saving the country from the wicked right", according to Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

The ABC is in peril and it has nothing to do with Andrew Bolt. ABC governance, we learnt this week, has been severely compromised by ... a cow #TipsandMurmurs 

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says Labor continues to have a “problem with Israel” amid news former Labor foreign minister Bob Carr has written to ALP members saying Israel runs an apartheid system.

Sky News host Andrew Bolt has condemned the India travel ban describing it as a "terrible stain" which "betrays how panicked we are with fear”.

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the India travel ban is a “moment of shame” and he can’t believe Australia is “so hopeless” it can’t set up a quarantine system to deal with the problem.


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Foxtel, not the ABC, commissioned the series, and … was responsible for the fact-checking process. The very same Foxtel, majority owned by News Corp, that puts people like Andrew Bolt and Rowan Dean to air on Sky News, with little or no fact-checking to speak of.” #MediaWatch 

Andrew Bolt made a big show of smashing up the NBN, saying country folks don’t need super fast internet speeds. Now he’s moving to the country, it seems  he’s been mugged by reality. Andrew, as Pauline would say, please explain...

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Andrew Bolt is now picking on a 16 year old! How macho of him! Bolt just can’t handle a young woman speaking truth to power. Bolt is little more than a Murdoch media thug masquerading as a journalist - propagating his master’s climate change denialism.

No, Andrew Bolt, I do not apologise. Your support of a man who a 5-year Royal Commission found knew about insatiable paedophile clergy & did absolutely nothing, a man now swanning about Rome like whole thing was a bad dream, is sickening. Your lack of empathy for victims is vile.

Paris Street responds to Andrew Bolt and Gerard Henderson. Please share. #StKevins 

Here's Paris Street's response to that disgraceful segment on @SkyNews  featuring Andrew Bolt and Gerard Henderson. Powerful, eloquent and showing the sort of integrity those two grifters would simply never comprehend. Don't suppose there's any chance either will apologise?

Like most Australians, I never watch @SkyNewsAust  after dark, but I hear convicted child sex offender defender Andrew Bolt with Gerard Henderson tonight said Kehoe only “hit on” #StKevins  student Paris Street. Really, Paul Whittaker? You OK with this? As a parent & old colleague?

‘Hit on’. I still cannot believe Andrew Bolt used those two words to describe the sexual grooming of a teenager. I wonder whether the head of @SkyNewsAust  and the editor of the @theheraldsun  can believe it either.

#EXCLUSIVE : Yolngu Warramiri Tribal Chief says he did not author a letter attributed to him in a column published by Newscorp columnist Andrew Bolt on Sunday.