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Prince Harry's arrogance is just extraordinary as he once "thought it was funny to dress like a Nazi" but now wants to lecture the rest of the world about inherent racism according to Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

The ABC may like to lecture about racism but it turns out this taxpayer-funded finger-wagger has been the real racist all along, writes Andrew Bolt.

The handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been a joke in Victoria however residents aren’t laughing, instead they are locked up in their homes says Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

The only way to understand Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s two big defence “spend-a-thons” is that Australia must quickly muscle up against communist China says Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

For months “Dictator Dan”, ordered all Victorians to follow over-the-top restrictions to stop COVID-19. Yet our nitwit government got tough on everything except the one basic thing that counts most, writes Andrew Bolt.

Due to its complete bungling of the coronavirus, the Victorian Labor government is “a health menace now to every Australian” according to Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

In the space of a week, Andrew Bolt called two young writers “hysterical race hustlers” and took aim (yet again) at Dark Emu author Bruce Pascoe’s Indigenous identity.

The "teenage God of global warming" @GretaThunberg  is now feeling a sudden lack of relevance following her recent calls on world leaders to remember they should feel ashamed according to Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

The Victorian government is now wondering how to combat the coronavirus pandemic and whether it will revert back to devastating lockdown measures that “smashed the economy” says Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

Andrew Bolt's recent, vicious attacks on people of colour suggest he's trying to get back to happier days.


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In truth Andrew Bolt is not the problem. The problem is that a mass-media conglomerate exists that sees content like his, and the division, hate and anger it stirs, as the core of its business model.

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says “the evidence is becoming overwhelming” that the danger of the deadly coronavirus “was wildly exaggerated” and is nothing like what we’ve been told.

Here's Paris Street's response to that disgraceful segment on @SkyNews  featuring Andrew Bolt and Gerard Henderson. Powerful, eloquent and showing the sort of integrity those two grifters would simply never comprehend. Don't suppose there's any chance either will apologise?

Paris Street responds to Andrew Bolt and Gerard Henderson. Please share. #StKevins 

Like most Australians, I never watch @SkyNewsAust  after dark, but I hear convicted child sex offender defender Andrew Bolt with Gerard Henderson tonight said Kehoe only “hit on” #StKevins  student Paris Street. Really, Paul Whittaker? You OK with this? As a parent & old colleague?

‘Hit on’. I still cannot believe Andrew Bolt used those two words to describe the sexual grooming of a teenager. I wonder whether the head of @SkyNewsAust  and the editor of the @theheraldsun  can believe it either.

Social media users reveal that paragraphs in a letter purportedly written by a senior Yolngu Elder and published in a NewsCorp blog by columnists Andrew Bolt can be found near verbatim in an unrelated website and an academic paper.

#EXCLUSIVE : Yolngu Warramiri Tribal Chief says he did not author a letter attributed to him in a column published by Newscorp columnist Andrew Bolt on Sunday.

Andrew Bolt is now picking on a 16 year old! How macho of him! Bolt just can’t handle a young woman speaking truth to power. Bolt is little more than a Murdoch media thug masquerading as a journalist - propagating his master’s climate change denialism.

I actually think that the paywalling of almost all News Corp content will have a positive impact on public culture. If Andrew Bolt writes, but no-one sees or hears it, did Andrew Bolt every truly write?