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Environmental activist and professor Andreas Malm during an appearance on The New Yorker's podcast called for "intelligent sabotage" of things contributing to climate change.

I'm pretty sure Andreas Antonopoulos was wrong about govts not having the ability to stop atomic swap or any crypto transations due to KYC. All that is needed is a law the requires all crypto transactions to be KYC or AML, verified by exchanges (or by all money transmitters).

That was funny, did you hear what Andreas Antonopoulos just said in the Live event? If coffee shops are willing to trade sh*&^% fiat for coffee, I'm glad to make that trade and keep my bitcoins. lol I do love listening to crypto fanboys

Bitcoin and Open Blockchain Open Topic Livestream with Andreas Antonopou... via @YouTube 

presents Rare book by George Arliss with two-page letter to Andreas E. Burkhardt who was a collector of rare books. This book bound in leather is deluxe, paper is the finest 1st Edition 1927 my collection *wolfjon4

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How is the Arctic being impacted by climate change? We'll be live on Instagram at 3pm, with host @kvittozzi  and the crew of @Barbaboat 's #ArcticSense2021  expedition, captain Andreas B. Heide, @hugh_f_anderson  and experts from @Whalewise  #DailyClimateShow  📷 Credit: Hugo Pettit

How is the Arctic being impacted by climate change? We'll be live on Instagram at 3pm today, with host @kvittozzi  and the crew of @Barbaboat 's #ArcticSense2021  expedition, captain Andreas B. Heide and writer @hugh_f_anderson . #DailyClimateShow  📷 Credit: Tord Karlsen

The pipeline, which bypasses Ukraine and is vehemently opposed by the US, is finally ready to pump gas into Europe but is awaiting approval from German regulators. 🗣️“Get Nord Stream 2 operational or else: that’s in the end the signal they sent,” says Prof Andreas Goldthau

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Nigel Collister, who lives in Andreas, stole stole sentimental and high value coins and jewellery items from his friends, some of the items belonged to one of the victims recently deceased wife.


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BREAKING: A Grand Theft Auto remastered trilogy is on the way with Unreal Engine remasters of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas, according to a new report.

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CZ 🙌 After almost 800k votes, Patrik Schick's long-range stunner vs Scotland is UEFA EURO 2020 Goal of the Tournament! ⚽️💥 #EUROGOTT  @GazpromFootball  #EURO2020 

WHAT. A. GOAL. Patrik Schick scores for the Czech Republic from the halfway line. #SCO  0-2 #CZE  📲💻📺 Watch live: #bbceuros  #euro2020 

A swarm of small earthquakes in California, close to the Mexican border, is being closely monitored as to whether it might raise the chance of a much larger event on the San Andreas fault.

Couldn’t fathom talking about anything else. Today’s #NewDayPod  with @AndreasHale .

A new study suggests that last year’s Ridgecrest earthquakes increased the chance of a large earthquake on California’s San Andreas fault

Chance of big San Andreas earthquake increased by Ridgecrest temblors, study suggests

Just a little something from Andreas to brighten up your Friday ?? ?: @AndrinhoPereira  [IG]

Jesse Lingard and Andreas Pereira arriving at Old Trafford today and seeing Bruno Fernandes unveiled as a Manchester United player:

Jesse Lingard and Andreas Pereira planning ways to try and make the Bruno Fernandes transfer to suddenly fail