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#ANCHeadstartGordon: It takes 20 years of good leadership to make sure the country progresses.

Pimentel: When I hear partymates with their default position is to support somebody from outside the party, I'm alarmed. #ANCHeadstart 

Dizon-Cabrera: Definitely we'll be fighting this alleged charges because they are false. #ANCHeadstart 

Dizon-Cabrera: I posted it (conversation on alleged illegal sale of vaccine slots) myself. Why would I expose myself? #ANCHeadstart 

#ANCHeadstartGalvez: Vaccination of A4 group to begin with those aged 40 & up.

NOW: Let's talk about the most pressing issues on #ANCHeadstart  with @iamkarendavila .

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#ANCHeadstart De Grano: Ivermectin use, distribution must go through legal process.

#ANCHeadstartDefensor: I am not recommending veterinary-grade ivermectin.


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#ANCHeadstartTeodoro: We need rubber boats to help with rescue operations

#ANCHeadstartParlade: We're just waiting for proscription of left-leaning groups as terrorist organizations.

#ANCHeadstart@lizasoberano : I want to continue supporting ABS-CBN and know we will rise up again one day.

#ANCHeadstart@lizasoberano : We have to continue voicing out our opinions if we know we are on the right side.

#ANCHeadstart@lizasoberano : I want to remind everyone to be respectful online.

#ANCHeadstartLim: I think we have identified the person who made a rape comment about Liza.

NOW on ANC: Let's talk about the most pressing issues on #ANCHeadstart  with @iamkarendavila .

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HAPPENING NOW: Rappler CEO @mariaressa  is live on #ANCHeadstart  with @iamkarendavila  to talk about the cyber libel conviction

#ANCHeadstartMonsod: You cannot read your own opinion into the Constitution.