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Looks like Rand Paul is about to get a progressive challenger. Charles Booker, who fell just short to Amy McGrath in his bid to take on McConnell last year, just took a big step towards running."We will transform Kentucky. And Rand Paul, you know it, too."

"Those of us who are women who have served in our military, those who are actively serving right now, we are not a mockery. We have served, sacrificed, bled, died for this country" Amy McGrath says, reacting to a public denigration of women in the military

Booker previously ran in the 2020 Kentucky Democratic Primary ultimately losing to Amy McGrath. He represented the 43rd District in the Kentucky House from 2019-21.

on to the next battle. please donate to amy mcgrath’s senate campaign. i know it ended months ago but i promise it will make just as much difference now as it did then

I'd like to wish a sarcastic thank you to everyone who donated to Amy McGrath in the Kentucky Democratic primary, when Charles Booker would have had a better shot at beating Mitch McConnell. Thanks for helping ensure Americans don't get an extra $1400 on this bill. Great job!

Final tally shows Amy McGrath campaign spent more than $90 million in failed Senate bid

What do Michael Bloomberg, Martha McSally and Amy McGrath all have in common? @HotlineJosh  explains why they're the biggest "political turkeys" of 2020

Send me money to fight for Dems in Georgia, says … Kentucky's $88M bust Amy McGrath@EdMorrissey 

"Three ZIP codes on the Upper West Side sent more than $1.5 million in single, itemized donations to the doomed Democratic Senate campaigns of Amy McGrath in Kentucky," writes our columnist @GiniaNYT 


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Amy McGrath and Jaime Harrison raised a combined $199,004,686 and lost to Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham by a combined 35 points.

I’ve spent time with Amy McGrath. Confidence. Toughness. Guts. Smarts. Leadership. It’s time to send Mitch McConnell packing, KENTUCKY. Listen to this...

The perfect picture was captured tonight during the Kentucky senate debate between Amy McGrath and Mitch McConnell. 36-years is long enough. “Time’s up”, @senatemajldr  ...

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Amy McGrath, when asked during the Kentucky Senate debate whether she supports packing the courts: "We should be working on unpacking the Senate right now."

Amy McGrath calling out Mitch McConnell over the coronavirus and him laughing like Dr. Evil. What a jerk...

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BREAKING: Amy McGrath wins Democratic nomination for Senate in Kentucky. #APracecall  at 12:17 p.m. EDT. #Election2020  #KYprimary 

Amy McGrath has just reported she has $19 million on hand

JUST IN: New Senate candidate Amy McGrath raises more than $2.5M in the first 24 hours of her campaign against Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. - @kasie 

Amy McGrath: 1. Was told by her Congressman at 13 that she shouldn't be allowed to be a fighter pilot 2. Became a fighter pilot 3. Refused to run ads on Sinclair TV for her Congressional campaign 4. Scored upset win fueled by massive rural turnout