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"Amy McGrath’s latest ad is just racist, pure and simple."

"While Amy McGrath was bombing terrorists, the ultimate law enforcement, Mitch McConnell was sitting behind a desk in Washington..." This race is so weird. Ad later says: "Mitch made millions from China," a reference to his wife

Charles Booker endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Amy McGrath via Twitter on Friday ahead of November's election.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell holds a slight lead over Democratic challenger Amy McGrath, 49 to 44%, with 5% of voters undecided, according to a new poll published by Quinnipiac University.


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Democratic candidate for Kentucky U.S. Senate Amy Mcgrath on Russia bounty plot: “What I’m surprised about is that this intelligence wasn’t acted upon, not only by the commander in chief … but also by Senator Mitch McConnell.”

BREAKING: Amy McGrath wins Democratic nomination for Senate in Kentucky. #APracecall  at 12:17 p.m. EDT. #Election2020  #KYprimary 

Amy McGrath is the funniest candidate I can remember seeing. Every now and then some truly weird and vacuous Dems get swept into the House but a Senate candidate whose whole argument is that she'd represent her opponent's party better than her opponent is pure dark comedy.

Amy McGrath, in tonight’s Senate debate, says she’s the best Democratic candidate because people want someone who can work with Trump if he wins

Amy McGrath has just reported she has $19 million on hand

Democrats in Kentucky legislature rallying behind Charles Booker over Amy McGrath

BREAKING: Amy McGrath just launched her campaign to defeat Mitch McConnell! Nate Silver is saying that "McGrath has a shot" at defeating Mitch McConnell, AND FiveThirtyEight is reporting that the Senate is UP FOR GRABS! Let us know right now: Do you approve of Mitch McConnell?

JUST IN: New Senate candidate Amy McGrath raises more than $2.5M in the first 24 hours of her campaign against Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. - @kasie 

Amy McGrath: 1. Was told by her Congressman at 13 that she shouldn't be allowed to be a fighter pilot 2. Became a fighter pilot 3. Refused to run ads on Sinclair TV for her Congressional campaign 4. Scored upset win fueled by massive rural turnout