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Israeli military commanders are not optimistic about the West Bank, and urge caution facing the current quasi-intifada amid the Palestinian Authority's decline, writes Amos Harel

Senior Israeli command is not optimistic, and fears escalation. The message to the politicians, therefore, is: Be careful as the situation is fragile, writes Amos Harel

Not by chance did outgoing defense minister, Benny Gantz, note that Netanyahu is creating a kind of private army for Ben-Gvir, which will answer to him in the West Bank, writes Amos Harel

A glance at the awkward body language of Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai in the presence of the man who will be his superior sufficed in order to understand the extent and speed of change Israel is experiencing, writes Amos Harel

Netanyahu wants to eliminate the possibility that his prosecution for corruption will lead him to a prison cell. That is his one and only goal. To achieve it, nearly all means are legitimate, writes Amos Harel

The yet-to-be-formed government is perceived, both by the extreme right as well as by soldiers, as license to use unlimited force against Arabs, writes Amos Harel

It seems that for now, most Palestinians prefer a safe income than risk a new flare-up with unforeseen consequences. But flashpoints like Jerusalem and Nablus persist, and the question of Gaza joining the violence looms large, writes Amos Harel

Facing pressures abroad and at home, Iran has upped its threats against protesters and arrested thousands of them, exploded a drone over a ship under partial Israeli ownership and announced plans to expand uranium enrichment, writes Amos Harel

Teheran opts for a hardline policy by expanding enrichment to 60 percent at the underground Fordo facility, writes Amos Harel

Whoever chose the scene of the attack on Wednesday morning – a Jerusalem bus stop – is aware of the historical baggage that comes with it, and chose to carry it out while the new government has yet to be formed, writes Amos Harel


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The feds have punished Amish farmer Amos Miller over his farming practices. He told me he’s not anti-government, he just wants his members to be left free to make their own food choices. You can donate to help cover $300k in fines so he can avoid prison:

Adrian Amos restructured his deal to free up some cap room for Packers, per source.

Falcon 9 and AMOS-17 are vertical on Pad 40 in Florida. Weather is 40% favorable for tonight’s launch window, which opens at 6:53 p.m. EDT, or 22:53 UTC →

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Falcon 9 launches AMOS-17 off Pad 40 in Florida, marking this booster’s third flight and SpaceX’s 25th reflight of an orbit class rocket.

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BREAKING: Aden Duale kicked out of Jubilee Party, replaced with Amos Kimunya as National Assembly Majority Leader in fresh party purge

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"Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!” ~Amos 5:24 #BreonnaTaylor 

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How high up in Obama admin was conspiracy to spy on and destroy ? Bitter Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Rice, Orr, Strzok, Page, et al should lawyer up. Amos 5:24 will become reality. lays it out nicely.


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