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Some Democrats who yearn to pit a young, charismatic globalist against a staunch American nationalist might wonder whether the party has a Emmanuel Macron of its own in Pete Buttigieg

“As someone who has made the case for President Trump and the American nationalist agenda for the past three years, often in incredibly hostile settings, I see three themes to message through - and beyond - impeachment”...

Self-proclaimed 'American nationalist' running for Oklahoma State House responds to controversial posts

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Self-proclaimed 'American nationalist' running for #Oklahoma  State House responds to controversial posts

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Self-Proclaimed 'American Nationalist' Running For Oklahoma State House Responds To Controversial Posts via @5news 

In theory, an American nationalist should be offended when other countries interfere in our political process. But that would require Trumpism to be driven by some deeper set of principles instead of illiberal opportunism.

Unattractive | “The Republican Party is clearly becoming an American nationalist (national collectivist) party, combining economic nationalism and government intervention to favor certain business interests, nativism, and foreign policy unilateralism.”

. @allahpundit  frames this well here -- if Trump was suggesting American Jews should show more loyalty to Israel, it's an odd position for an American nationalist to take, essentially advocating dual loyalty for Jews as a positive attribute.

Bannon plays the long game — remains a critical thinker and voice for our anti-establishment, American-nationalist movement.