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Join us at our next live webinar: Get a slice of the American pie We'll be exploring the continuing attractions of the US stock markets and assess what to look out for in the second-quarter reporting season. Register now at

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A vote for Trump is a vote for American democracy, equality, family values (one wife), global Trust, women's rights, equal pay and Apple Pie.

The cast and creators of #ZoeysExtraordinaryPlaylist  revisit the epic scene—set to Don McLean's "American Pie”—that left them all in tears

I’ve watched all the American Pie movies again and have some takeouts: ▪️ Stiffler still makes me cry laughing ▪️ Kevin is my least favorite character ▪️ The soundtracks to all four are elite ▪️ I noticed the cup mistake the first time I saw the movie and it still bugs me!

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american pie'>Watching American Pie 2 with subtitles and all this time I’ve thought Stifler called Finch ‘Shitbrick’. Turns out I’ve been wrong and he calls him ‘Shitbreak’!

Baseball, apple pie and #tax  breaks? Sure, it may be the American way, but in this case tax credits won't solve the problem.


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For Carolina Pie Company, building a business "homemade, from scratch," employing staff, and serving the community exemplifies the American dream! 🥧 US

A truly American pie for the bbq today:

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Fury destroyed Wilder and then had the whole arena singing American Pie 💀

Tyson Fury got the whole arena singing 'American Pie' with him after his big win 🎤 (via @trboxing )

IT SHOULDN’T TAKE ALL THIS TO START THE PROCESS OF SIMPLE JUSTICE. Keep pruning that “BAD APPLE TREE” cause American Pie always taste better with flavor in it.

Nancy Pelosi's mental breakdown in ripping speech reminded of Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield's ear off. Historically low mark for any American politician. She disgraced herself, the House, & her party. And she probably hates baseball, apple pie, and country music!

NOW we know there was NO COLLUSION, CONSPIRACY, or CRIMES BY ⁦⁩ or ⁦⁩ or ANY American. Will Dems, CNN, and BSNBC now shut their pie holes and find the dirty cops in FBI and DOJ?

The problem facing American workers isn’t that other nations are taking our jobs or wages. It’s that American workers have been getting a shrinking portion of America’s share of a growing pie. A steadily larger portion has been going to executives, Wall St. traders, & investors.

Big banks acted as American as apple pie when they needed our money in 2008, but when it’s time to pay taxes, they’re proud Panamanians.