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Clarida, U.S. Economic Outlook, Monetary Policy, and Initiatives to Sustain the Flow of Credit to Households and Firms: Speech At the Unconventional Convention of the American Bankers Association, Washington, D.C. (via webcast) FED

American Economic Association officers for 2021: Christina Romer (president-elect), Kerwin Kofi Charles and Shelly Lundberg (vice-presidents), Sandra Black and Emi Nakamura (members).

There is a strong relationship between racialized economic segregation and premature mortality that drives the life expectancy gap in Chicago, writes the American Medical Association's Aletha Maybank for #CrainsForum .

“For a long time economists—whose median income, according to a survey of the American Economic Association (aea), is $104,000 a year—considered minimum wages to be harmful.” Touché@TheEconomist  on how views have begun to change.

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The coronavirus pandemic is “undoubtedly” the most difficult economic challenge the gaming industry has faced, the head of the American Gaming Association said

The American Economic Association Committees urge Congress to extend the deadline for 2020 Census. "In these exceptional times, we urge Congress to extend the deadline to avoid a decade-long adverse impact on... households, businesses and policymakers."

Another medical meeting - slated for November - goes virtual. It's a biggie: American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions. The science may be conveyed virtually, but the economic impact will be real. These aren't ripples - boulders are still hitting the water.


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THREAD—"Modern economics has a deep and painful set of roots that too few economists acknowledge. The founding leadership of the American Economic Association deeply and fervently provided 'scientific' succor to the American eugenics movement."

The American Economic Association has now set up a confidential #metoo  reporting system staffed by a trained Ombudsperson. It could be a big deal, potentially shifting victims from wondering if they're all alone to understanding that they're part of a larger group with rights.

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The American Economic Association, which is as small-c conservative as any organization, has just released a statement about the protests and the broader project of racial justice. For the AEA to say this is really something. Change is afoot in the economics profession.

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For those interested in serious economic debates, the American Economic Association has a new discussion forum set up by Olivier Blanchard. First up is the question of whether low interest rates are leading to excessive risk-taking

“The coronavirus already had a more severe economic impact on the hotel industry than 9/11 and the 2008 recession combined,” said Chip Rogers, president and CEO of the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

Public debt is not a big problem given low interest rates, says -- president of the American Economic Association, both a fine and a very sensible economist. Maybe the issue that dominated policy for years, at great cost, was the wrong issue?

Blanchard is president of the American Economic Association and previously chief economist of the IMF, also one of the world's leading macroeconomists. And what he's basically saying is that a debt-financed Green New Deal could be perfectly OK 2/

The American Economic Association speaks, finally condemning "misogyny, racism, homophobia, antisemitism" within the field.

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Trump’s science cuts "would cripple American innovation and economic growth”—Association of American Universities