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8 Senate Ds led by Bob Menendez joined by Republican Marco Rubio in letter to Saudi ambassador “demanding the immediate release of women political prisoners who remain unjustly detained in Saudi Arabia

#BREAKING  : Foreign Minister#FaisalBinFarhan  , US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia's greet Secretary of State #MikePompeo  and his wife Susan as they arrive at #Neom  Bay Airport in Saudi Arabia

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#ICYMI  : Ambassador@eusimonpa  said that the @g20org  provided a platform to enhance relations between the EU and Saudi Arabia. #G20 

#ICYMI #China  ’s ambassador t #SaudiArabia  @AmbChenWeiQing  , highlights the importance of Saudi Arabia hosting th @g20org  for the first time.

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#ICYMI  : "By calling an extraordinary Leaders’ Summit on March 26 to address the consequences of the #pandemic  , Saudi Arabia rose to the gravity of the global health crisis, " French Ambassador@ludovic_pouille  writes in Arab News. #G20  @g20org 

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#ICYMI  : The Saudi presidency of the #G20  has been exemplary and I welcome the wise decision-making and responsibility that Saudi Arabia has exhibited, writes French Ambassador@ludovic_pouille  . @g20org 

#ICYMI  : Mexico has been supportive of the theme identified by the Saudi#G20  Presidency: “Realizing opportunities of the 21st century for all,” writes @AgomeztII  , ambassador of Mexico to the Kingdom. @g20org 

In an interview with Arab News, Japan's ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Tsukasa Uemura, said the #G20  under the Saudi presidency this year "will be remembered as a milestone for humanity in addressing the global health crisis with wisdom" @JapanEmbassyKSA 

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#OPINION : "In cooperation with the Saudi presidency, France has aimed for strong commitments in favor of gender equality and the promotion of women’s and girls’ empowerment," French Ambassador Ludovic Pouille writes in Arab News@FranceinKSA  #G20Riyadh 

#OPINION : "By calling an extraordinary Leaders’ Summit on March 26 to address the consequences of th #pandemic  , Saudi Arabia rose to the gravity of the global health crisis," French Ambassador Ludovic Pouille writes in Arab News#G20Riyadh 


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Breaking: Judge approves testimony of 24 current & former Saudi officials--including longtime ambassador Prince Bandar-in 9/11 case."This is a game changer," says spokesman for 9/11 families. As for timing, "you couldn't script this any better."

I asked the Saudi ambassador to the UN why he supports democracy in Syria but not in Saudi Arabia - @AJUpFront  clip:

Spent an hour today on the phone w/ a dozen senators, Saudi Ambassador & the Saudi Energy Minister. We again made unequivocally clear that Saudis’ taking advantage of pandemic & flooding world oil market to bankrupt American producers is unacceptable. They promised to halt NOW.

The only person on Earth outside of the Saudi kingdom who appears to accept the Saudi ‘investigation’ is President Trump. We should expel the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. until there is a completion of a third party investigation into the kidnap and murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

We should only sell arms to those we absolutely trust. At this point in time, we can’t trust Saudi Arabia. It’s now time to suspend arms sales. The Senate will soon act on this. They should also immediately replace their ambassador to the US. Change is coming!

Expelling Saudi Ambassador, as suggested, is a good beginning—a first step that must be followed by more: No arms sales, refueling & other military support. Other steps—including against top Saudi rulers—should be determined by a full international investigation.

Mike Coffman — locked in a tight election in Colorado — has called on the president to recall the U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia. There is no U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Corker said he spoke w Saudi ambassador about missing journalist. “It was not, not a great conversation in that I asked him for the videotape showing him leaving. He shared with me that they only livestream their tapes. I’ve never heard of an embassy in my life that doesn’t tape”

Q: What’s the name of the ambassador in Turkey...? A: I don’t have that ... Q: What’s the name of the ambassador in Saudi Arabia right now? A: I see what you’re getting at... Q: The answer is that you don’t have an ambassador in either place, right?

BREAKING: Saudi Arabia orders Canadian ambassador to leave kingdom within 24 hours after criticism of activist arrests