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Coronavirus put up barriers for those fighting ALS, severing access to care & resources. I was proud to eliminate one of those barriers last December by passing a bill to make vital Social Security benefits available faster. Now, let’s tear down the rest. #ALSAwarenessMonth 

Working to raise awareness of the impacts of ALS is a goal close to my heart. This month, we recognize those we have lost to the disease, those currently fighting it, and vow to continue to work together to find a cure. #ALSAwarenessMonth 

'Take every moment and love each other': Family shares lessons through ALS, tumor diagnoses

$ORPH announces topline data from pivotal trial of arimoclomol in ALS. Pivotal trial did not meet primary and secondary endpoints.

$ORPH $ORPHA arimoclomol phase 3 #FAIL  in ALS so, to sum up with this molecule: NPC ph3 primary endpoint missed Gaucher ph2 primary endpoint missed ALS ph3 primary endpoint missed yet the FDA seems to be OK to approve it next month in NPC

7pm Thu: Line of severe storms continues pushing east across the TN Valley. Winds of 50-60 MPH can accompany this line—and it has a history of producing widespread wind damage across N AL/S TN. If you see a shelf cloud headed your way, move indoors immediately! #HUNwx 

Biden's move to waive COVID-19 vaccine patents fulfills a 2020 campaign promise to Ady Barkan, a famed activist with the degenerative disease ALS

Als GM Maciocia shows loyalty to his former Carabins players

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Artist diagnosed with ALS displaying her life's work in Overland Park


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There's a clip here of @AdyBarkan , who has ALS and speaks via voice assistance, asking Biden about "re-directing" public safety funding. The clip alters the quote. It splices "for police" into it, using Barkan's artificial voice.

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014? Its funds helped discover the gene linked to ALS

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I nominate Prince Harry , Boris Johnson and Arsene Wenger ! Get involved ! Amazing charity !! #als 

A story worth sharing: Twelve years ago, Brian joined my first presidential campaign. Two years ago, he was diagnosed with ALS and launched @iamalsorg  to find a cure. Brian and Sandra wake up every day believing that we can win this fight—and that makes me hopeful, too.

Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of Nickelodeon's animated megahit #SongeBobSquarePants , died from ALS – which he revealed he was diagnosed with in March 2017

. donates to ALS hospital-building fund as the Ice Bucket Challenge reappears in Korea

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BREAKING: Physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76 according to a family spokesperson. He was diagnosed with a rare form of ALS in 1963.

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"My life depends on it. I need you to make your vote match your principles, Senator." A man who says he was recently diagnosed with ALS debates the GOP tax bill with Senator Jeff Flake on a plane