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China releases #carbonemission  allowance allocation plan for consultation ➡️

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$EARS ramp on patent EARS Auris Medical received a Notice of Allowance for its US patent application 16/518,328 titled "METHODS FOR THE TREATMENT OF TINNITUS INDUCED BY COCHLEAR EXCITOTOXICITY"

Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey says it is "very disappointing" ministers have not found extra money for carers. He asks the PM again to raise the carers' allowance. Boris Johnson responds by saying he would be "happy" to look at that grant again. More 👉

#CommunityHealthWorkers  Other demands include “a monthly wage of R12500 and full benefits such as bonuses, Provident Fund, allowance'>Housing Allowance, Medical Aid, Maternity - and Paternity Leave. KB

With £450 billion of QE planned for 2020/21 and an anticipated deficit of around £400 billion when allowance is made for the profit many gilt owners make in reselling their bonds to the government is taken into account the Bank of England is almost wholly funding the deficit.

Premium bonds are a good source of tax free income for those who can buy the maximum £50,000, pay higher rate tax, and have used up their £500 savings allowance (£1000 for basic rate taxpayers). Buying a few for children is a waste of time. Better to open an account they can use

Japan considers cutting child allowance of high-income families.

@HelloMcQueen  The allowance'>Pensions Advice Allowance helps people pay for advice costs, which you say are unaffordable. Yet Aviva does not make this service available to its customers. Impartial guidance is what Pension Wise offers. Guidance from a business selling products cannot be truly impartial.

Under the Income-tax Act, 1961, two round trip journeys in a block of four calendar years are eligible for tax benefits as Leave Travel Concession/ Allowance (LTC/ LTA).

DA hike for #CPSE  employees frozen till June 2021, says government #Government  #allowance 


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PGH health workers demand release of hazard pay, allowance

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Unlike Trump, I did not come from a family that gave me a $200,000 allowance every single year starting at the age of 3. As I recall, my allowance was 25 cents a week.

I find it amusing that Mr. Trump postures as a critic of this country's establishment. He got a $200,000 allowance as a kid, enjoys golfing with the rich and powerful, and gives billions upon billions in tax breaks to the world's largest corporations.

9-year-old boy pays off entire school lunch debt for his class after saving his allowance

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Earlier this year, Ryan Kyote used his allowance to help pay down his classmates' food service bills. He caught the attention of @GavinNewsom , who did this over the weekend. What a wonderful bright spot—would love to see more states follow suit.

4-year-old Austin Perine is using his allowance to feed the homeless

“They didn’t have enough money; their per diem allowance didn’t even allow them to buy food and drinks there,” @NatashaBertrand  told @maddow  Friday night about the Air Force personnel diverted to Trump’s Scotland resort. “They felt totally out of place.”

I've seen kids spill out their piggy banks and plan their allowance budget with more care than the Republicans in Congress are planning for the future of the U.S economy.

I am wearing black today because balance and inclusion and diversity is not some kind of allowance to be made to accommodate people. No, sir. It is a correction of an error. It is a righting of a wrong. And it is going to be done. Now. #TimesUp 

"I want my allowance'>Disability Living Allowance to come back." is confronted by the reality of the suffering her government has caused.