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I knew this but seeing #FilthyRich  you can’t make this up. The guy who allows Epstein to illegally agree to a secret non-prosecution agreement, forbidding the alleged victims from knowing about it, is named labor secretary by Trump in ‘17. Alexander Acosta, you awful human being

Check out the list of those he’s railed against lately:. —Jim Acosta of CNN. — Peter Alexander of NBC/MSNBC. — Yamiche Alcindor of PBS. —Kaitlan Collins of CNN. —Jeremy Diamond of CNN. —Jon Karl of ABC. —Weijia Jiang of CBS. Yesterday, it was Paula Reid of CBS. More...

Key impeachment witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who was the top Ukraine expert at the National Security Council, has been pushed out of his White House job months earlier than expected, his lawyer says. CNN's Jim Acosta has more.

Epstein reached the deal in 2008 with Alexander Acosta, who was then Miami's US Attorney, to end the federal investigation that could have landed him in prison for life

The Senate confirmed Eugene Scalia to succeed Alexander Acosta as Labor secretary, in a 53-44 party-line vote.

The 2008 letter details then-US Attorney Alexander Acosta's concerns with Epstein's work release, as permitted by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

In 2008, then-U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta's office recommended Epstein not be put on a work-release program. PBSO approved it anyway.

With the departure of Alexander Acosta as Secretary of Labor, the Department of Labor (DOL) immediately got an acting chief who is expected to more closely align with the White House.

Villafaña's departure comes amid a probe into the role she and other federal prosecutors, including her former boss Alexander Acosta, had in sidelining an indictment against the wealthy investor Jeffrey Epstein in 2008. via @jknipebrown  and @jayhweaver 


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alexander acosta'>Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta is resigning from President Donald Trump’s Cabinet amid scrutiny of his handling of a secret 2008 plea deal with financier Jeffrey Epstein, who’s been accused of sexually abusing underage girls.

In light of the news about Labor Sec. Alexander ACOSTA, herein a list of other current/former Trump cabinet officials who have been involved in controversies or suspected corruption: —ELAINE CHAO, Transportation: Alleged financial conflicts of interest.

A judge ruled Thursday that federal prosecutors — among them, U.S. alexander acosta'>Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta — broke federal law when they signed a plea agreement with Jeffrey Epstein#PerversionofJustice 

If Alexander Acosta doesn't resign, should he be impeached? Acosta cut an illegal sweetheart deal with a billionaire pedophile accused of sexually abusing and raping hundreds of girls He's now overseeing US human trafficking laws What's the argument for not impeaching him?

"This is a story the world needs to hear.’’ Jaw-dropping story details Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta's role in covering up what's been described as a "sexual pyramid scheme" involving girls as young as 13.

"Prosecutors led by Alexander R. Acosta, who is now the secretary of labor, violated federal law when they failed to tell victims about an agreement not to prosecute Jeffrey E. Epstein, a wealthy New York financier accused of molesting dozens of underage girls..."

Trump’s secretary of labor, Alexander Acosta gave a sweetheart deal of the century to child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein . Acosta oversees a massive federal agency that provides oversight of human trafficking

Senior WH aide tells me this Miami Herald story about Alexander Acosta striking a deal on Jeffrey Epstein will absolutely hamper his chances of becoming AG -

This is so wrong. It’s only purpose is to stir the pot in the most divisive way possible. Trump also went after Jim Acosta (guess you forgot) and NBC’s Peter Alexander this week. He does it to everyone. Not everything is about race.