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FIRST ALERT: Reports of flash flooding in Tuscaloosa around Univ. of Alabama campus

NEW FUNDING ALERT: 9 PA entities will receive more than $8.1 million in POWER grants from the Appalachian Regional Commission to help communities affected by the loss of coal mining jobs.

A Flash Flood Warning is active for areas in green. Flash flooding is happening now. Stay off the roads and out of washes. Do not walk or drive through flooded streets or around barricades. Use extreme caution on roads. Follow the First Alert Forecast for updates.

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First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Steel, Anti-Slip Be prepared. "In Search of Great Products." #AmazonAffiliate  #Comm7 

Recall alert: Harbor Freight recalls portable propane heaters for fire risk

4th and 1 at the MSU 42. Big play alert.

Capitol Hill on high alert ahead of rally in support of January 6 rioters

Mumbai police On High Alert Ahead Of Last Day Of Ganesh Festival

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CUTE ALERT: These kindergarteners at Hickerson Elementary School in Nashville wished a deaf school custodian a happy birthday in sign language yesterday. He sure was surprised! Happy birthday, Mr. James! (Video courtesy of Hickerson Elementary)

URGENT MISSING CHILD ALERT‼️ ? 2-year-old Ziyere Boyd was last seen on February 27, 2020 in Antioch, CA. @oaklandpoliceca 

Pelosi said we had to pass Obamacare to find out what’s in it. Biden says he needs to be elected before revealing his Court packing plans. alert'>Spoiler Alert: Their healthcare law sucks. Their Court packing plan sucks. Their Green New Deal, tax hike ideas & anti-cop agenda suck too.

CONFIRMED: There was no contact from the Trump campaign or the White House to alert the Biden campaign of possible exposure. The campaign learned of the situation from the news reports, a Biden campaign aide tells me.

@SarahEmilyMucha  reports: There was no contact from the Trump campaign or the White House to alert the Biden campaign of possible exposure, per a senior campaign official who was with Biden at the debate.

ALERT: So now we find out that the entire Mueller “hit squad” illegally wiped their phones clean just prior to the investigation of them, all using the same really dumb reason for this “accident”, just like Crooked Hillary smashing her phones with a hammer, & DELETING HER EMAILS!

Be alert, attentive and aware to combat the threat posed by the Covid 19. We, as responsible citizens, need to adhere to the norms put in place for our safety as announced by our Honourable Prime Minister Shri@narendramodi  ji. #IndiaFightsCorona 

?ALERT? Candace Owens has been suspended from Twitter. Candace tweeted that people in Michigan should go back to work. What rule did she break? Not even Twitter can say. Candace Owens tells people to work and gets cancelled but AOC can tell people *not* to work and all good

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An emotional Karl-Anthony Towns revealing that his mother, diagnosed with the coronavirus, is in a coma and connected to a ventilator. He’s clearly trying to further alert the public to the seriousness of the pandemic.

People. Wake. Up. This is a red alert.