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Aldis Hodge talks about the jobs he had to pass on in order to get the roles he wanted in Variety's latest #REPRESENT  roundtable

Aldis Hodge says when he was 14 he told his agency he wasn’t taking any “more thug or athlete roles”: “My frustration with the industry was that what was normal and what was actually real was not being portrayed”

Aldis Hodge says diversity is a necessity: “You cannot imagine an authentic Black voice if you yourself are not Black. You can write a great character, you can write a great story, but if you’re looking for an authentic Black voice, get Black people” #REPRESENT 

Aldis Hodge: "Enslavement turned into the prison systems... We didn't create the hood, we were pushed into a particular space and somebody else called it that for us... They gave us the title of being lazy. They gave us the title of being lethargic, & mean, & cruel, & violent"

What you can’t see can hurt you. Watch the new trailer for #TheInvisibleMan , starring Elisabeth Moss, Aldis Hodge, and Storm Reid.