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ON THIS DAY: 65 years ago, Rosa Parks, a Black seamstress, was arrested after refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, Alabama, city bus. In 1995, she spoke to @DebRobertsABC  and reflected on not giving up her bus seat.

Cold temps mean greater challenges for Alabama restaurants impacted by the pandemic

TUESDAY'S UNDER-THE-RADAR GAMES: BYU/USC Providence/Davidson UNLV/Alabama Oklahoma State at Marquette Villanova/Hartford

Alabama child forced to exit car as punishment, hit and killed

Alabama man charged after 5-year-old forced from car for 'being unruly' is fatally struck, sheriff says #GMN 

SO sweet! Alabama mail carrier surprises 6-year-old birthday boy with a gift.

Alabama mail carrier surprises 6-year-old birthday boy with a gift

A five-year-old boy in Alabama was hit by a car and killed after his mother’s boyfriend attempted to discipline him by kicking the boy out of the car.

Sunday, almost 250 people were sick enough to be admitted into Alabama hospitals. UAB alone had 125 hospitalized COVID-19 positive patients today, an all-time high.


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BREAKING: Democrat Doug Jones wins election as U.S. senator from Alabama. @AP  race call at 10:23 p.m. EST. #AlabamaElection  #APracecall 

I remember when George Wallace stood in the schoolhouse door at the University of Alabama to bar entry to Black students. I remember when the University of Alabama had a football team that was all white. This strikes me as significant.

Wow, just called! @TTuberville  - Tommy Tuberville WON big against Jeff Sessions. Will be a GREAT Senator for the incredible people of Alabama. @GDouglasJones  is a terrible Senator who is just a Super Liberal puppet for Schumer & Pelosi. Represents Alabama poorly. On to November 3rd.

I stand with the women in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, and everywhere, who have the right to decide what happens to their bodies, as we all do.

The abortion bans in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Mississippi are appalling attacks on women's lives and fundamental freedoms. Women's rights are human rights. We will not go back.

BREAKING: We just blocked Alabama's abortion ban. With this federal court ruling, it's official: None of the state abortion bans passed earlier this year are in effect. Abortion remains legal in all 50 states.

RT if you think Alabama’s new Senator should get a vote on the #GOPTaxScam 

Tonight, Alabama voters elected a senator who'll make them proud. And if Democrats can win in Alabama, we can -- and must -- compete everywhere. Onward!

BREAKING: Democrat Doug Jones won election to the U.S. Senate from Alabama in a sharp blow to President Trump that narrows the GOP’s majority in the Senate to two. He beat Roy Moore, a former chief justice of the state Supreme Court who had been accused of sexual misconduct.

Don’t move forward after reading this like everything is normal. Don’t shake your head at Alabama and then keep going about your day. Realize that this is a warning. It’s Alabama and abortion today. It’s you and your rights tomorrow. Your silence will not save you. So speak up.