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Delhi: Air quality dips in the national capital; visuals from Sarai Kale Khan area.

-Protect pedestrians and cyclists -Improve air quality, especially in low-income neighborhoods -Invest in public transit The streets are ours.

Smart bench charges your phone and e-bike while measuring air quality

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The presence of pollutant PM 2.5 and PM 10 also remained high in the five neighbouring cities of Delhi, according to the air quality index (AQI) maintained by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

Eskom says it will be charged with supplying misleading information to the national air quality officer as well exceeding emissions limits at the Kendal coal-fired power plant

Concern over COVID-19 has many people worrying about indoor air quality and whether an air purifier can help protect you from virus particles in the air.

Concern over COVID-19 has many people worrying about indoor air quality. Consumer Reports says the answer isn't a simple yes or no.

Delhi wakes up to hazy Monday morning; air quality dips to ‘very poor’ category

Delhi's air quality is likely to deteriorate further and remain in the "poor" to "very poor" category over the next two days.


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In Delhi, an 'Oxygen bar' gives Indians a gulp of fresh air. Low air quality has given a business opportunity to entrepreneurs offering pollution-free oxygen at a price.

In addition to nearly $8 billion that Treasury provided tribal communities, @HUDgov  is releasing an additional $25 million in #CARESAct  funding today to respond to the CoronaVirus with improved housing, indoor air quality, and food pantry support.

Cool, Tesla S/X have hospital operating room air quality when BWD mode is activated, so shd protect against even a weaponized virus

COVID-19 will fundamentally change the way we travel around our city. That’s why today, @TfL  and I are announcing our plans to make central London one of the largest car-free zones in any capital city in the world, increasing walking and cycling and improving our air quality.

Clear skies!☀️ The Himalayas are more splendorous than ever as Nepal's lockdown led to improved air quality (and better views) 🎥: @RajneeshB 

Saharanpur wakes up to Himalayas, visible from town after 30 years as AQI dips below 50 For the first time in over three decades, snow-capped peaks of Gangotri became visible from Saharanpur as Air Quality Index (AQI) in the UP town dipped below 50.

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Fracking pollutes water, degrades air quality and worsens climate change. No amount of regulation can make it safe.

New chairman of Trump EPA science board says air quality in the US is too clean

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In California, we will fight to preserve the beauty of our coasts, the rugged wilderness of our national parks and the quality of our air and water. If you’re not willing to help us, , at least stay out of our way.