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Jewish refugee's wartime escape from Nazis, aided by Japan diplomat, highlights unsung heroes

"extremists...have also used the groups feature to grow their audiences and spread misinformation. Facebook aided that growth with its recommendations feature, powered by a secret algorithm that suggests groups to users seemingly based on interests and existing group membership"

Oil edged higher following the biggest daily advance in a week as Saudi Aramco’s upbeat assessment of the crude market and signs the spread of the coronavirus in the US is decelerating aided sentiment | @Fin24 

Actor Dick Hughes traveled to Vietnam as a conscientious objector where he founded the "Shoeshine Boys Project," a shelter that aided more than 1,500 young people in wartime Saigon.

A madam who saved Birmingham from cholera may have aidedAlabama outlaw sheriff’s 1885 escape. Read more about the bizarre story here.

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T-Mobile's subscriber accrual is helped by the low churn it maintained, likely aided by migrating Sprint customers onto its better network

"Authoritarian erosion or assault on constitutional practice has actually been aided and abetted by a certain kind of liberal hostility to civil unrest."

The industry will see negative growth for this year, but next year onwards will see strong growth aided by low base, says HM Bangur, @shreecementltd 

#OnCNBCTV18 | Lower provisions aided the earnings of @EquitasHoldings . PN Vasudevan, the MD & CEO says that level of disbursal has doubled with some borrowers. T @Latha_Venkateshl @_soniashenoyls that unmet demand continues to remain la @kothariabhishekge .

Jewish refugee's wartime escape from Nazis, aided by Japan diplomat, highlights unsung heroes


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Make no mistake—Bill Barr will go down in history as having aided and abetted the most corrupt president this country has ever seen.

‘The president, aided and abetted by the attorney general, tears at the very fabric of our Constitution.’ —  listed all of Trump’s misdeeds and it is jaw-dropping

So Bill Gates is unhappy that USA halted our funding for the WHO, after they parroted CCP propaganda & aided China’s Wuhan cover-up. Well, quick math: USA funds $400m/yr to WHO & Gates is worth $103bn...he could personally fund the US share for 257 years!

I will be signing my Executive Order prohibiting immigration into our Country today. In the meantime, even without this order, our Southern Border, aided substantially by the 170 miles of new Border Wall & 27,000 Mexican soldiers, is very tight - including for human trafficking!

Now the Minnesota press conference is blaming "white supremacist" and organized crime. This is phony BS. Aftermath of these riots are multi-decade setbacks for Black folks. Leftist agitators ransacking cities are aided and abetted when politicians deflect blame the wrong people.

The latest effort by the mob to cancel Tucker & bully his advertisers (aided by BLM/Antifa-enabling Twitter) PROVES HIS POINT again & again & again. #StandWithTucker 

Dr. Stein, didn't you do enough damage last election, helping (aided by Russian media outlets) to deny a historic opportunity for Americans to elect the first woman ever as the U.S. president? Given the damage you did to Clinton in 2016, "Dems" should not listen to you in 2020.

Democrats and their allies are trying to destroy a man’s personal and professional life on the basis of unsubstantiated and uncorroborated allegations. This is a smear campaign, pure and simple…aided and abetted by members of the United States Senate.

3 weeks ago we suffered worst ever US mass shooting aided by bump stocks to allow auto fire. @SpeakerRyan  when will you allow a vote to ban?