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#FarmFury | Govt holds 2nd round of talks with farmer leaders to break the impasse. Agri Economist@Devinder_Sharma  tells @ShereenBhan  that MSP as a legal right is the need of the hour, adds that 'Agriculture has been deliberately kept impoverished so far'

At 4 PM | Govt holds 2nd round of talks with farmers as protests enter day 8. Home Min Amit Shah meets Punjab CM, Akali Dal stalwart returns Padma Vibhushan, truckers call for strike on Dec 8. All developments with @ShereenBhan  who speaks to agri economist@Devinder_Sharma 

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The agri reforms now being implemented by govt have long been advocated by every sensible economist & farmers leader (like the late Sharad Joshi). It will dramatically IMPROVE farmers earnings, by undoing the monopolistic nexus restricting where & to whom they could sell produce.

Agri Economist Devendra Sharma tells @Manisha3005  that #MSP  should be made legal, the private sector should not be allowed to buy below MSP, that would be a big assurance to farmers. He also adds that early RABI announcement is a welcome step

#OnCNBCTV18 | Devendra Sharma, Agri Economist tells @Manisha3005  that food prices can come under pressure on back of record kharif sowing; MSP hike for rice YoY is less than the input cost. He adds that the govt has done more for industry and less for farmers

#OnCNBCTV18 | @vijaysardana , Agri Economist tells @Manisha3005  that hundreds of farmers, traders & consumers gather at mandies, APMC's making it a hotbed for contamination & that we need to fragment the distribution system, should divide it ward wise for direct supply

COVID-19 Impact On Agriculture Sector | Agri Economist Devendra Sharma is hoping for a package for agriculture sector in-line with other sectors from the Finance Min. Also shares that vegetables, fruits are in high production, but prices are weak because of no buyers @Manisha3005 

This budget is a declaration of war on agriculture and Indian farmers. This year every economist agreed on putting money in the hands of rural India so as to start a virtuous cycle. This thread on how FM not only disregarded them, she launched 3-prong attack on agri. 1/4


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Why are Rabi crop prices poor despite a bumper harvest? finds out why in a conversation with Agri Economist YK Alagh & Bharat Krishak Samaj's on Commodity Champions at 6:30 PM only #OnCNBCTV18 

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Need a strong Minister to carry the ball and score the goal. Can’t expect the PM to drive agri policy. Agri marketing reforms should have been dealt with like the GST, take all states along says Agri economistAshok Gulati

Agri economistAshok Gulati says doubling of farm income in real terms by 2022-23 is a “cruel joke”, this is what will boomerang because you promise the moon and then can’t deliver.Focus on providing income support/ hectare Vs loan waivers

Veteran farmer leader and agri economistSharad Joshi passes away in Pune after prolonged illness.

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ALERT | Veteran farmer leader and agri economistSharad Joshi dies in Pune after prolonged illness