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"My policies have benefited those who need it the most. The bottom 50% of households saw an astonishing 40% in net worth. Wages rose the fastest for blue-collar workers. African American, Hispanic American, Asian American unemployment all reached their lowest levels ever."

@AriFleischer  says President@realDonaldTrump  should deliver his GOP nomination acceptance speech from Detroit to highlight his great record on African American unemployment. #TheBrianKilmeadeShow  @foxnewsradio 

"I have done more for the African American community than any other president since Abraham Lincoln." President Trump touts pre-coronavirus unemployment numbers, which were historically low amongst minorities, as part of his first-term record.

African American, Asian American and Hispanic unemployment did hit their lowest points on record prior to the coronavirus pandemic, continuing a fall that began in the Obama administration. That said, long-standing discrepancies have remained.

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@va_shiva  @BarackObamaCheck  your facts. Here's African American unemployment over the last eleven years, including Obama's time in office:

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Ari Fleisher: President Trump Should Deliver His GOP Acceptance Speech From Detroit To Highlight His Great Record On African American Unemployment

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Unemployment rate breakdowns... Women: 10.6% (16+) Men: 9.8% (16+) White: 9.2% Black/African American: 14.6% Hispanic/Latino: 12.9% Asian: 12%

HAPPENING NOW: “Before the plague struck we had the lowest African American and Hispanic American and Asian American unemployment ever.” @realDonaldTrump  said of #covid19  and the economy during the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board Meeting at the White House.

Sen. David Perdue touts low black unemployment as black unemployment hits 10-year peak: "In the African American community we have the lowest unemployment in U.S. history right now" by @t_golshan 


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I am proud to have fought for and secured the LOWEST African American and Hispanic unemployment rates in history. Now I’m pushing for prison reform to give people who have paid their debt to society a second chance. I will never stop fighting for ALL Americans!

African American unemployment is the lowest ever recorded in our country. The Hispanic unemployment rate dropped a full point in the last year and is close to the lowest in recorded history. Dems did nothing for you but get your vote! #NeverForget 

Thank you to Kanye West and the fact that he is willing to tell the TRUTH. One new and great FACT - African American unemployment is the lowest ever recorded in the history of our Country. So honored by this. Thank you Kanye for your support. It is making a big difference!

So if African-American unemployment is now at the lowest number in history, median income the highest, and you then add all of the other things I have done, how do Democrats, who have done NOTHING for African-Americans but TALK, win the Black Vote? And it will only get better!

The African American unemployment rate fell to 6.8%, the lowest rate in 45 years. I am so happy about this News! And, in the Washington Post (of all places), headline states, “Trumps first year jobs numbers were very, very good.”

It was exactly three years ago today, January 20, 2017, that I was sworn into office. So appropriate that today is also MLK jr DAY. African-American Unemployment is the LOWEST in the history of our Country, by far. Also, best Poverty, Youth, and Employment numbers, ever. Great!

Under the Trump Administration, African American unemployment is the lowest (best) in the history of the United States. No President has come close to doing this before! I also created successful Opportunity Zones. Waiting for Nancy and Elijah to say, “Thank you, Mr. President!”

....a look, the facts speak far louder than words! The Democrats always play the Race Card, when in fact they have done so little for our Nation’s great African American people. Now, lowest unemployment in U.S. history, and only getting better. Elijah Cummings has failed badly!

Crazy Bernie and the Democrats should see this. I have done far more for the African American community than any President. Secured funding for HBCUs, Criminal Justice Reform, Opportunity Zones, School Choice, Record Low Unemployment, and so much more. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

....The fact is that African/American unemployment is now the lowest in the history of our country. Same with Asian, Hispanic and almost every other group. The Democrats have been all talk and no action. My Administration has already produced like no other, and everyone sees it!