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Indian or South African Covid variants 'could overtake to become dominant in UK'

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FR 20 years ago, the #French  Parliament voted unanimously to declare the transatlantic and Indian Ocean#slavetrades  and #enslavement  of African, Indian, Madagascan & Amerindian peoples a #CrimeAgainstHumanity . May 10 marks this national day of remembrance. @cathyruthi  reports⤵️

Public health officials will put them through detailed testing, especially to check if they carry the mutated Indian or South African strains of the Covid-19 virus. #Songkhla  #Myanmar  #Malaysia  #TheNationThailand 

New Covid hotspot emerges as Indian and South African variants found - check rates in YOUR area

A programme of additional testing will begin this week after South African and Indian variants were identified in the borough

Indian and South African variants identified in Bolton as Covid-19 rates rise rapidly

Another 16 South African variant cases and five further Indian variant cases detected in the State

News story: A prolonged slump in Indian coal demand threatens a recent recovery in South African prices... Read more | #ArgusCoal 

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South African strain on the rise in Paris but Indian variant has yet to reach France

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Proportion of children in lone parent families by ethnic group: • Black Caribbean: 63% • Black African: 43% • White Irish: 32% • Chinese: 21% • White British: 19% • Pakistani: 14% • Bangladeshi: 12% • Indian: 6% Spectator leading article on race:

Kamala Harris would be the first woman, first African American, first Indian American to become Vice President of the United States.

Kamala Harris’s mom is Asian Indian. Her dad Donald Harris is by his own account descended from one of the largest slave planters in Jamaica. In what sense then can she claim the African American experience of being descended from slaves and subject to segregation and Jim Crow?

To some of those ‘patriots’ flag waving today, you know who you are. If you don’t remember the millions of Indian & African soldiers who fought for Britain against the fascists in WW2 then you haven’t defeated the facism in your mind. #VEDay 

Joe Biden once referred to African Americans as “N*gros”, said you can’t go to a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts “unless you have a slight Indian Accent”, and bragged that his state was a slave state when asked what his chances would be in the South.

Thanks to Britain’s diversity, England won the @cricketworldcup  for the very first time thanks to a Brit-Irishman, Kiwi, South African, West Indian and a Pakistani. This is England and it feels bloody fantastic. #cwc19  #England  #cricket 

Abenakyo is indeed a tall, beautiful Musoga girl. My only concern is that she was wearing Indian hair. I have encouraged her to keep her natural, African hair. We must show African beauty in its natural form.

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There were African and Indian soldiers in the real-life evacuation of Dunkirk. Why aren't there any in the movie?

Two African Americans, a Latina and an Indian American go to a movie premiere #DeathOfANation 

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A waxing gibbous moon was pictured Feb. 28, 2018, above the Earth's limb as the station orbited over the southern Indian Ocean just southwest of the African continent.