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Important work from @BBCAfrica  on PPE fraud in GhanaGH - another Africa Eye investigation

Forecasters are keeping a watchful eye on clusters of showers and thunderstorms, streaming off West Africa and into the warm waters of the southeastern Atlantic Ocean:

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Africa in the eye of the storm as Covid-19 cases near one million

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France 24's correspondents @sarahsakho  and Emmanuelle Landais in #Dakar , met Fatou Kiné who is one of the few female sheep breeders in the Senegalese capital SN Watch the full 'Eye on Africa' show ➡️

#Corn and corn product exports continue with our strongest partners, but it is important to keep an eye on Sub-Saharan Africa. #trade  #tradeworksworks 

With an eye on the U.S., children of immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean are bringing race into France's public discourse

TROPIC UPDATE: We're keeping an eye on the newest tropical wave off of Africa. This system has an 80% of development in the next 5 days and some models have indicated it could push close to the US. This storm would become Isaias.

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Vast swarms of locusts have torn through East Africa since December, threatening food supplies and livelihoods. Is it too late to prevent a plague? Africa Eye follows one man who is urgently trying, at great personal cost, to save the livelihoods of his community. 🦗🦗🦗

This man left his family to help prevent a locust plague in East Africa. See how Albert Lemasulani, also known as the ‘locust hunter’ is trying to save the livelihoods of his community in our full Africa Eye documentary on YouTube.

South Africa’s eye-wateringly high unemployment rate—30% as of the first quarter of 2020—is set to rise further


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The "Eye of the Sahara," officially known as the Richat Structure, stares up at the space station from Mauritania, Africa in this 2001 photo, shared for the #EarthDay50th  anniversary. It has been the subject of many astronaut images over the last 20 years! #SpaceStation20th 

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@kikimordi  "Sexual harassment is a naked abuse of power. " BBC Africa Eye's explosive new documentary premieres on Monday 7th October, 6PM GMT. Make sure you don't miss it by subscribing now ⬇️ l . #SexForGrades  #BBCAfricaEye 

For the past year, BBC Africa Eye has been secretly investigating sexual harassment by lecturers at West Africa's most prestigious universities. Stay tuned... ? #BBCAfricaEye  l #SexForGrades 

In Nigeria, addictive cough syrup is destroying thousands of young lives. But who makes the syrup? And how is it sneaked out of pharma companies onto the black market? BBC Africa Eye went undercover to find out. Watch the documentary, coming Monday 30 April#BBCAfricaEye 

#SexForGrades has been trending worldwide after the explosive investigation by BBC Africa Eye into sexual harassment allegations at top universities in West Africa. Here's what the fallout looks like after 24 hours. Full doc:

Africa Eye: Do you have a story of sexual harassment by a lecturer at university?

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Mobile videos have revealed shocking atrocities in #Cameroon . You asked Africa Eye to investigate – and we have. This is what we found. Learn more about our findings here: #Ambazonia  #humanrights  #Cameroun 

South Africa‘s beauty is surreal, had such an eye opening trip - so excited to explore the rest of the continent starting with Swaziland later this year ?