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What's next for Afghanistan, after US forces leave? Pt. 1 of my exclusive interview today w/ Afghan Pres. @ashrafghani  on Biden's decision & Afghanistan's future:

What will happen to women's rights in Afghanistan, after the US leaves? And how will regional powers approach the country? Pt. 2 of my exclusive interview w/ Afghan Pres. @ashrafghani :

Pres. Ghani & Heiko Maas, German FM discussed Afghan-German bilateral relations & Afghan peace process. Mr. Maas stressed that despite the withdrawal of the German troops from AFG, Germany remains committed to the government & people of AFG.

“Afghan Ambassador to Sri Lanka Ashraf Haidari met Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa and conveyed greetings from Pres. Ghani and briefed him on the recent developments in Afghanistan with implications for regional peace and stability,” said Afghan Embassy in Colombo.

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“I respect the President’s decision." Afghan Pres. Ashraf Ghani reacts to the US withdrawing troops from his country. "The implications of this, at the operational level, tactical level and re-strategizing for the region... and for us at the national level is the imperative.”

Ret. Navy Adm. McRaven says that following Pres. Biden's decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, "the Afghan people are going to have to fight for … all the progress that women have made."

On GPS, @ 10am & 1pm ET Sunday on @CNN : After Pres. Biden announced this week the US will withdraw from Afghanistan, I’ll have an exclusive interview w/ Afghan Pres. @ashrafghani  …

Pres. Biden has recently announced plans to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Without concrete commitments from the Afghan gov’t & non-state actors this move will leave civilians vulnerable. Read our full statement from @Eric_P_Schwartz 

“Setting a deadline for withdrawal without concrete commitments from both the Afghan government & non-state actors will leave civilians awfully vulnerable” Pres. Biden plans to withdraw U.S. troop from #Afghanistan . Read @Eric_P_Schwartz ’s reaction:


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BREAKING: Pres Trump makes unannounced #Thanksgiving  visit to Afghanistan to see US troops, serve turkey, meet Afghan president to announce resumption of Taliban peace talks, press pool says; Trump had left Mar-a-Lago under cover of night, @politico  rpts:

Pres. Trump claims he could win Afghan war "in a week. I just don't want to kill 10 million people." "I have plans on Afghanistan, that, if I wanted to win that war, Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the earth...I don't want to go that route."

JUST IN: Pres. Trump on Afghan War: "I want to find out why we've been there for 17 years."

Pres. Trump intervened to help approve US entry for an all-girls Afghan robotics team, administration officials say

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Indian Army's #SurgicalStrikes  on terrorist sanctuaries is a justified step in order to defend their land: Former Afghan Pres. Hamid Karzai

Met w/ Afghan Pres Karzai to talk polio. Great support from him & other leaders - excited for our event later today.

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