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#Afghan Health Official Warns of Disease Outbreak among Earthquake Survivors

A UN humanitarian delegation has visited some of the communities worst affected by the earthquake in #Afghanistan . UN relief chief in the country, @RamizAlakbarov , said the visit reaffirmed both the suffering and resilience of the Afghan people.

Back on the border in Eagle Pass, TX amid massive migrant surge… 2,968 encounters in the last 48hrs in the Del Rio sector… and an unusual apprehension of 5 Afghan nationals. The sector has seen migrants from 109 countries this FY w more than 320,000 encounters to date @FoxNews 

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Afghan women have changed, even if the Taliban have not – one woman’s quiet act of protest:

West Pledged to Help Solve Banking Issues, Say Afghan Traders in UAE #TOLOnews 

Afghan health official warns of disease outbreak among earthquake survivors

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FARAKHABAR – Kabul’s Engagement with Intl Community Host Nisar Nabil discussed the topic with the following guests: afghan'>Amran Afghan, political analyst Abdul Shukur Saboori, international relations expert #TOLOnews 

ICYMI This week's column--Now It's the Taliban's Turn to Fight Bands of Deadly Afghan Insurgents

#Afghan Health Official Warns of Disease Outbreak among Earthquake Survivors


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"Mum, they didn't let me enter my school. They're saying girls aren't allowed" Hopes and dreams shattered once again for millions of Afghan girls left in tears and devastated by the continued Taliban ban

During the botched Afghan withdrawal the Biden administration sent missiles into Afghanistan killing almost a dozen innocent civilians and their media backers said nothing, but those same stooges are complaining about the Trump wanting to send missiles to take out drug cartels🤡

Really simple question. Why are we sending Afghan, Syrian refugees to Rwanda but paying UK citizens to house those from Ukraine? It’s pretty black and white…

Latest pictures from Kabul Airport. People are on their own now while the world watches in silence. Only sane advise to Afghan people…RUN

Unbelievable courage- Afghan girls protesting for their right to an education. They continue to show such bravery and resilience. We hear you #LetAfghanGirlsLearn 

Starting today, Airbnb will begin housing 20,000 Afghan refugees globally for free.

I find it implausible that 300,000 Afghan soldiers spontaneously and individually quit. I find it more plausible that they received such orders from their leaders who cut a deal with the Taliban. I look forward to reading more reporting to confirm/refute this hypothesis.

Spare me the make believe indignation from Republicans about the Afghanistan evacuation. 1/ Here's the story of the relentless Republican effort (led by President Trump) to undermine and destroy the programs that help bring Afghan refugees to the U.S.

By the standards set by the democrats themselves how is this not impeachable? Biden told Ghani to say that the fight against the Taliban was going well "whether it is true or not." The Afghan President responded, "Mr. President, we are facing a full-scale invasion..."

So the US Government knew so little about what was happening in Afghanistan that they had no idea the Afghan Security Forces would evaporate and the Taliban immediately take over, but they were able to find within 24 hours the precise ISIS-K "planner" to kill? OK.