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Pakistan asks Taliban to ‘remain engaged’ in Afghan peace process

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Pakistan asks Taliban to ‘remain engaged’ in Afghan peace process after armed group says it would shun summits until all foreign forces leave

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Abdul is helping his community in Greece. This 71-year-old Afghan is an active volunteer and helps maintain public spaces in the municipal Kare Tepe site. He has a green thumb and loves gardening more than anything.🌱 Leave a 🙌 in the comments to show Abdul your support!

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"Now that the way forward has been cleared for Afghan leadership, Afghans must take on responsibility for the success or failure of future proceedings." — writes @BARAKAT_Sultan  for #AJOpinion 

P. Michael McKinley, former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, writes that it’s time to accept that the U.S. has reached the limits of what it can achieve militarily—and that it will be better off supporting Afghan security through other means.

"When Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently said there was 'no military solution' to the Afghan conflict, he was correct," @MJGerson  writes. "But this has not been the U.S. objective for quite a while."

#Column | It would be bad for the Afghan people but also have dangerous consequences for the South Asian region, writes @sandipanthedeb 

28 civilians were freed from a Taliban prison in an operation by Afghan forces in Musa Qala district, Helmand province, on Monday night, the Defense Ministry says, adding that six Taliban were killed in the operation. #Afghanistan 

What the US troop pullout may mean for Afghan civilians, on our weekly Cheat Sheet:

Looted Objects From Afghanistan Are Returned Thirty-three antiquities were handed over to the Afghan ambassador by the Manhattan district attorney’s office and the Department of Homeland Security.


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The President of the United States has known since MARCH that Russia was paying Afghan terrorists to kill American soldiers and he has...done nothing. Zip. Zero. What a bum.

On recent Afghan peace talks, H.R. McMaster says President Trump is, in effect, partnering with the Taliban against the Afghan government. McMaster writes in his book that POTUS “cheapened” the sacrifice of the Americans who have died in Afghanistan.

WATCH: President Trump says that he could win the 18-year Afghan War in 10 days, because he has plans that could wipe Afghanistan off the face of the Earth and kill 10,000,000 people, but "I don't want to go that route."

The senate is about to vote on my bill to end the Afghan War and pass bonuses for those who served. I’ll be speaking soon. The vote will be at 5:30. Watch here: A lot of folks say it’s long past time to end this war, now is their chance to vote that way.

Shocking. And Trump continues to call Putin his friend -- his one consistent foreign policy position over the last 4 years. "afghan'>Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says"

It's hard to over-hype how terrified you should be about the free fall of American global credibility right now. The Doral disaster, Ukraine quid pro quo, double cross of the Kurds, the Afghan/Camp David debacle. It's just one mind-blowing, embarrassing fiasco after another.

Swedish student single-handedly prevents deportation of Afghan asylum seeker by refusing to sit down on flight

For Kashmir swift strike, kudos to Namo and his HM. But minus PoK, part K problem remains. For PoK we must simultaneously break Pak into 4. If US allows Afghan elections on Sept 28th, Afghan will be an ally of India. If Iran neutral and China properly briefed, it will be easy.

They’re here! The Afghan girls arrived in the U.S. for their robotics competition after their visas to enter were initially denied.

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