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Afghan women taekwondo fighters "defeated by the Taliban". "All our lives have been overturned," says champion Zarghunna Noori. Although the Taliban have not issued a formal policy on women in sport, comments indicate participation will be impossible

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Government rejects visas for hunted Afghan judges - mostly women

'Foreign Minister Wang Yi demanded the lifting of economic sanctions on Afghanistan in a statement from the foreign ministry in Beijing … The Afghan national assets should not be used as a bargaining chip to exert pressure on Afghanistan'

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attends a video conference of the foreign ministers of the Group of 20 (G20) on the Afghan issue and urges lifting unilateral sanctions and restrictions on Afghanistan

Israeli NGO, businessmen helped dozens of Afghan women escape Taliban rule, report says

UK rejects visas for hunted Afghan judges - mostly women

“It’s my right to fight back – for me, one whole generation of women, and generations to come. Nobody’s going to fight on my behalf.” The Afghan women still making their voices heard under Taliban rule:

World community must also provide support to the Afghan refugee-hosting countries, the FM adds.

Afghan women taekwondo fighters feel defeated by Taliban

“Women need to be serving women in a humanitarian crisis” – Marianne O’Grady of @CARE  on why female aid staff are a must in Afghan aid responses:


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I want to know where the outrage was when, year after year, I and others in the Senate tried to get more SIVs to protect our Afghan allies, or when the Trump administration was giving away the rights of Afghan women and girls during peace talks with the Taliban.

“Mr. President...Don’t forget me here.” An Afghan interpreter who 13 years ago helped rescue Joe Biden was left behind Monday when the U.S. ended its military campaign in Afghanistan.

Spare me the make believe indignation from Republicans about the Afghanistan evacuation. 1/ Here's the story of the relentless Republican effort (led by President Trump) to undermine and destroy the programs that help bring Afghan refugees to the U.S.

By the standards set by the democrats themselves how is this not impeachable? Biden told Ghani to say that the fight against the Taliban was going well "whether it is true or not." The Afghan President responded, "Mr. President, we are facing a full-scale invasion..."

congress briefed - gates closed at Kabul airport. 300 plus Americans and 1000s of our afghan allies left behind. STRANDED how can anyone in Biden admin keep their jobs?

afghan'>Brave Afghan women protesting for their rights in Kabul. “Work, education and political participation is every woman’s right”

I find it implausible that 300,000 Afghan soldiers spontaneously and individually quit. I find it more plausible that they received such orders from their leaders who cut a deal with the Taliban. I look forward to reading more reporting to confirm/refute this hypothesis.

Latest pictures from Kabul Airport. People are on their own now while the world watches in silence. Only sane advise to Afghan people…RUN

So the US Government knew so little about what was happening in Afghanistan that they had no idea the Afghan Security Forces would evaporate and the Taliban immediately take over, but they were able to find within 24 hours the precise ISIS-K "planner" to kill? OK.

At kabul airport, military side, more order than before. Evacuations picking up. Seeing more Afghan families being taken through. Planes taking off. Base well guarded.