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Cleopatra's final resting place: Mummies of two high-status Egyptiansadd weight to theory fabled queen was also buried there

Let’s add some big picture context here. Yesterday, Florida set a record for single day case reporting - the highest of any state at any point in the pandemic - with more than 15,000 new COVID cases. Background via @MiamiHerald 

Over the weekend, more than 1,000 people emailed their MP to call for the UK Government to take meaningful action to oppose further #annexation  of the West Bank. Please add your voice and help us reach 1,500! Email your MP: #StopAnnexation 

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This long, looong list of #LondonRestaurants  that have reopened is still a work in progress - if your favourite local restaurant has reopened and isn't on this list, give us a shout and we'll add it! Likewise if it's your restaurant...

Mesa Air signs 5-year cargo contract with DHL Express, to addBoeing 737-400F to fleet #news 

Known as the ‘sacred grain’ of the Incas, quinoa is stacked with health benefits. Click here for five reasons to add the seed to your diet

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$MOL #MOL  Nyrt MOL - Return To The Integrated Model: We think it is a good time to add MOL a portfolio as the name is undervalued (+21% upside to our TP) and the results of the Arbitration is approaching (2020H2) where MOL is expected to… #equity  #stocks 

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So let me get this straight: We can afford to add $740,000,000,000 to our bloated military budget, but we can't afford to extend unemployment benefits and moratoriums on evictions during an unprecedented public health and economic crisis? GOP priorities in a nutshell.

Lawyers offering pro bono services for arrested protestors. Minneapolis, Houston, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles. I know there are far more doing the same thing in other cities please add them to this thread

Wow, there are a lot of @BTS_twt  & RM fans! Thanks for the submissions – we’ll add "Moonchild," "Mikrokosmos" & "134340" to the playlist! What other songs can we include on #NASAMoonTunes ?

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Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats delayed the Workers Help/Stimulus Bill by over a week, trying to add real “junk” into the Bill. Got some bad things, having nothing to do with those affected by the Virus, included. Republicans need their votes until we WIN BACK THE HOUSE IN 2020!

So apparently I've got snapchat now . Add me . don't really know how it works so give me time

Since Trump decided to cause absolute chaos yesterday with those peaceful protestors so he could get pictures and video for his propaganda team, I figured I'd add a few more clips from the know...just to see if they'd want to use this version instead.

95% Approval Rating in the Republican Party, a record. 53% Approval Rating overall (can we add 7 to 10 percent because of the Trump “thing?”). Thank you!

Man this really just hit me! I’m really shooting Space Jam 2!! This is so surreal and doesn’t even make sense to me! Where I come from man and what I saw growing up this doesn’t add up to me! ??‍♂️! I’m truly grateful and beyond blessed. This is CRAZINESS. ? ? ? ???

95% Approval Rating in the Republican Party, a Record! 53% overall (plus add 9 points?). Corrupt Democrat politicians have brought me to highest polling numbers ever with the Impeachment Hoax. Thank you Nancy!

If you are on Snapchat and coming to the show tonight make sure you add your snaps to the One Direction story!