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2/ hollywood producer pal of mine tells me that having any actual gun even w blanks on set these days is pretty uncommon since it's so easy to recreate the sound and visual in post-production. blanks and a real gun these days tends to be on low budget productions.

What's that? An actual live, in-person taping of @NRO 's "The Editors" with @charlescwcooke  and @RichLowry  here in Dallas? They've been disembodied voices on the computer for almost two years!

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#Lebanon : Two years after the "October revolution", journalists are covering corruption issues in an unbearable environment. Intimations must stop at once or else actual physical violence will end up becoming the rule, sai @SabrinaBennoui  , head of RSF's Middle East desk.

As movie-lovers know, fictional, razor-handed villain Freddy Krueger tortured the dreams of the teenagers of Elm Street-- but the actual home used to film the exterior shots sits on a road called Genesee Avenue.

3/ in movie work are union. So saying the folks doing that weren't union sounds like they didn't really have someone on set who does this professionally. As noted in the thread, producer friend of mine tells me that most major production sets don't use actual firearms anymore ...

On Baldwin/firearm accident, @CevallosLaw : "But for realistic shots, for close-ups, they may use something that is capable of firing actual projectiles, and then cut, and replace dummy bullets with blanks which will sound like bullets, but up close..." (1/2) #AMRstaff 

“This idea of intellectual debate and rigor as the pinnacle of intellectualism comes from a world in which white men dominated” - an actual quote from a senior scientist Phoebe A. Cohen, geosciences professor and department chair at @WilliamsCollege 

‘Anti-Karen’ coffee shop gets bombarded by complaints from actualKarens

Wait no I’m wrong Saturday is the actual end of the week, Friday is the penultimate end of the week. #Yegwx 

A mentor can only help as much because it is the players who will have to go out there and perform the "actual task", the legendary #SunilGavaskar  said on the appointment of #MahendraSinghDhoni  as the Indian team mentor for the #T20WorldCup 


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Starship test flight rocket just finished assembly at the Texas launch site. This is an actual picture, not a rendering.

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actual thing our electrician just said: you have a raccoon nested in your attic. did you guys eat king snow crabs, because he has a bunch of them up there. (we did not have any snow crabs)

If you only watch 1 thing tonight, please watch this rather chilling video that my producer, the great & powerful Ivy Green made, putting Trump's lying pro-terror words on Fox over images of the actual violence from January 6th. #mustwatch  @MehdiHasanShow 

JUST IN: “This is not news we deliver lightly,” @margbrennan  says as she reports: Trump Cabinet secretaries are discussing invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump. Nothing formal yet presented to VP Pence. “I’m talking about actual members of the Cabinet,” she says

Helping illegal immigrants with DACA with an Exectuive Order was no problem, but helping actualAmericans with their taxpayer dollars with an Executive Order is problematic??? Liberal Privilege is a hell of a drug.

Only one officer is criminally charged - for wonton endangerment - in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor on March 13. None of the officers will be charged for the actual death of Breonna Taylor.

1. The US is undoubtedly NOT #1  in terms of actual coronavirus cases. China has been lying. 2. Increased diagnoses of coronavirus say nothing about the quality of our system. Italy has far fewer diagnosed cases and seven times as many deaths. 3. Everyone is stupid.

This story is incredibly alarming. California Republicans are allegedly creating fake drop boxes and tricking voters into depositing their ballots in them. Apparently they’re trying to prove voter fraud is real by committing actual election fraud.

More people have been arrested for protesting the murder of Breonna Taylor than for the actual murder of Breonna Taylor.

....Does anyone ever notice how few quotes from an actual person are given nowadays by the Lamestream Media. Very seldom. The unnamed or anonymous sources are almost always FAKE NEWS.