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VIDEO: SEGreta Thunberg and other #climate  activists hold up signs about climate change during a #FridaysforFuture " protest in Sweden's capital Stockholm early Friday

LOOK: Environmentactivists unfurl a banner reminding the public that we only have one planet along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City on Friday, Sept 25, as part of the worldwide climate strike led by international climate activist Greta Thurnberg. 📸 Grig C. Montegrande/PDI

WATCH: Greta Thunberg led climate activists in protest outside the Swedish parliament in Stockholm on Friday.

In another "Fridays for Future" protest, Greta Thunberg and fellow climate activists called for action in Sweden's capital, Stockholm.

Black women activists and community leaders in Oakland rallied in front of a mural memorializing Breonna Taylor Thursday as more activists called for action demanding justice for the victim in the fatal Louisville police shooting, including a car...

Hong Kong legislators protest against China’s arrest of activists

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Just as Daniel Cameron, the attorney general of Kentucky, cited race as a reason the Breonna Taylor case had a special resonance with him, activists have argued that, as a Black man, he had an added responsibility

Authorities and activists alike in Louisville wrestled Thursday with the question of what comes next amid continued demands for justice in Breonna Taylor's death.

OPINION: "Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, youth activists are relaunching strikes for faster, fairer action on climate threats" @Fridaysforfutur  activists writ @mitzijonelle  @Eyalw13  @nickibeckerok  write on today' #GlobalClimateStrike 

Six years after being fined $9 billion by U.S. prosecutors partly for the same reason, BNP-Paribas is being investigated in France for its role helping the Sudan dictatorship evade western sanctions, after legal action by human rights activists.


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These Black Lives Matteractivists were invited on stage at a pro-Trump rally – and every American needs to hear what they said

Activists laid out 4,500 pairs of shoes in front of the European Union in Brussels today to represent every Palestinian killed by Israel in the last 10 years. (Photo credit: Avaaz)

don’t let anyone convince you it’s cool to “not care”. apathy is wack. be passionate about the things you love, and the things that you fear. the greatest young creators and activists of our times cared. A LOT. “idc lol” is waaaaack. we can do better fucks sake.

I wrote out some thoughts on how to make this moment a real turning point to bring about real change––and pulled together some resources to help young activists sustain the momentum by channeling their energy into concrete action.

Ultimately, it’s going to be up to a new generation of activists to shape strategies that best fit the times. But I want to highlight some basic lessons from past efforts that are worth remembering:

“Democrats & Activists call to Defund Police Departments. They’ve gone so far Left that they eat their young.” @mirandadevine  @nypost  @foxandfriends 

President Trump’s planned convention speech in Jacksonville, Florida, on Aug. 27 falls on the city’s 60th anniversary of a brutal KKK-orchestrated attack on black activists known as “Ax Handle Saturday.”

SOME NEEDED CONTEXT: Activists calling for defunding the police are not always calling for dismantling departments. In many cases, it means redirecting funds from police departments to other parts of society that help people like housing, education, and communities.

Activists placed 7,000 pairs of shoes in front of the US Capitol building on Tuesday, to remember children killed by gun violence since the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre

Dear Student Activists From Stoneman Douglas, Keep doing what you’re doing. The fact the the right wing “media” is attacking you means what you’re doing is working. We are standing by your side. With Love, Support and Appreciation, Me