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By 2050, "China will go from having 8 workers for each retiree down to 2." More on China's achilles heel from @abrownewsj  today @BW  @BloombergRadio  with @timsteno  + me @ 3pm ET.

Told Eric Fisher's "in a good spot" with his rehab. Colts won't rush the Achilles, but the thinking is he'll be back late in training camp/early September. Sam Tevi and Julién Davenport are two offseason signings that will compete at the position in the meantime.

Why the Colts signing of Eric Fisher is big win on a few fronts (assuming he makes it back from the Achilles): 1. Didn't have to reach in the draft for LT 2. Instead, add two young DEs 3. When he's back, no dropoff from Castonzo 4. Nelson stays at LG

Colts didn't *love* the LTs at their spots in the draft as much as the pass rushers they took. In the end, they add 2 edge rushers with lots of upside (Paye, Odeyingbo), then address the LT spot with Eric Fisher, a proven vet who'll start as soon as he recovers from the Achilles.

'The Achilles’ heel of the Nationalists is their preference for deliberate obfuscation over the financial situation in Scotland, their incompetence in running public services, and their avoidance of policy detail.' ✍️ Andrew Willshire

Total props to Davis for giving up his body. But as I’ve hinted at a handful of times the last week or so, I really hate watching him gut thru Achilles pain to do it. Kobe did it, too, and that whole situation sucked.

$AAPL - Apple's Achilles' Heel Is A Good Thing. #markets  #business  #economy 

That’s WolvesAchilles heel: defending crosses/aerial balls into the box. Brighton coaching staff aren’t daft. #wwfc  0-1 #bhafc  fine Dunk header from corner after very positive start from Wolves.


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Source: Golden State’s Klay Thompson has suffered a season-ending Achilles tear.

Russia was able to influence our election because they figured out that racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and transphobia are America’s Achilles heel. These issues aren’t only civil rights — they’re also a matter of national security. We have to deal with that.

Tore his Achilles and had to find a new team. Worked his way back to being one of the best corners in the game. Tuned out the doubters and now Richard Sherman is back in the Super Bowl. (via @NFL )

One of the greatest comebacks in sports history. 2008: Wins US Open on torn ACL 2010: Neck injury 2011: Sprained MCL, Achilles 2012: Achilles injury 2014: Back surgery 2015: Back surgery 2017: Back surgery 2019: Wins Masters (first major since 2008)

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On this date in 2013, Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles ... and he still made the free throws.

On This Date: @kobebryant  left the game after tearing his Achilles ... but not before sinking both free throws. ?

Breaking: KD confirms he’s torn his Achilles: “Surgery was today and it was a success, EASY MONEY” (via @KDTrey5 )

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Six years today, Kobe tore his Achilles, then limped to the line and knocked down two free throws. Mamba was different.

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"It's an Achilles injury. ... He'll have an MRI tomorrow." Bob Myers holds back tears as he explains the magnitude of Kevin Durant's injury.

I’m sorry, but I never believed it was KD’s calf. He grabbed his Achilles which is the injury I believed he suffered originally.