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One Nation has sacked its candidate for the seat of Forrestfield after it emerged he repeatedly posted racist commentary attacking Aboriginal Australians and Muslims on social media. 🔒

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Australian Embassy in Dublin to permanently fly Aboriginal flag

The Australian Embassy in Ireland has become the first Australian posting in the world to permanently fly the indigenous Aboriginal flag alongside the national flag.

Meet the amazing group of people working to return Aboriginal remains and sacred artefacts from private collections and museums around the world, back home to their traditional territory. #TheProjectTV 

'A travesty it's been so long': Remote health centre finally in Aboriginal hands

Traditional owners and RFS team up to protect sacred Aboriginal sites from fires

Juukan Gorge 'cop-out': talk about protecting Aboriginal sites goes curiously quiet in WA

The NSW government has granted a public health exemption for a Mardi Gras march that will take over Oxford Street in Sydney’s CBD to protest against the mandatory detention of refugees, Aboriginal deaths in custody, and the criminalisation of sex work


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'Every day is a bad day for Aboriginal people’: The family of the Indigenous teen who was slammed into the ground by police in Sydney say they are looking for 'justice and truth'.

Australia's COVID infection rate is one of the lowest. It's a national priority. Suicide is rampant, including Aboriginal children aged 12. Aboriginal men, jailed more than any other human beings, also die in their 40s from preventable diseases. These are not national priorities.

Decades of stolen wages, the Gurindji strike, black-birding of South Sea Islander people, domestication under government policies, the mission system and using Aboriginal people to prop up pastoral and mining industries are just some examples given.

Facebook blocks and bans users for sharing Guardian article showing Aboriginal men in chains

Aboriginal people have generations of knowledge about managing Australia's land with low-intensity fires. But elders say they're ignored by officials who rely on massive controlled burns. "I think this is a wakeup call...You cannot just destroy the land."

Friday: 50,000 gallons of oil leak on aboriginal land. Tuesday: Trump signs an order to advance two more pipelines.

Support Native American & Aboriginal athletes!!!! The Why Not Zer0.1 Low N7 out today in adult & kids sizes!!!! ??‍♂️ #whynot 

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Beautiful.. A proud Aboriginal elder travels 3000 km to be at his granddaughter's graduation

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New footage reveals the inhumane treatment of an Aboriginal woman who died in police custody.

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Aboriginal girl who was told she couldn't be Elsa from Frozen 'tried to scrub her skin off'

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