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These practices by the Chinese government are abhorrent and violate one of the most basic #humanrights : The right to decide freely whether and when to bear a child, and the right to have that decision respected and supported by the government.

Racism is abhorrent, nasty, and must be rejected everywhere at any moment, condemned in a clear way. Racism is the rejection of our common humanity, which is a central aspect against the Charter of the @UN . -- @antonioguterres  #FightRacism 

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Lawmakers skewered prison officials over their "abhorrent" handling of a coronavirus crisis that has killed 22 incarcerated people across the state and infected nearly 5,000 others.

WA newspaper 'deeply sorry' for 'abhorrent' racist cartoon #perthnews  #wanews  via @watoday 

My (lovely) ex is from St Louis and I can say from experience in talking with his family about how urban planning apartheid is integral to that city is a lesson in how the abhorrent becomes normalized. ditto some of the replies. But...

The video resurfaced in the wake of Dawson apologizing for it -- among many other instances of abhorrent behavior:

The video resurfaced in the wake of Dawson apologizing for it among many other instances of abhorrent behavior:


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“For you to blame Jeremy Corbyn, particularly after your colleagues on the right of the party pushed him to adopt that position of a second referendum, is absolutely abhorrent” This #bbcqt  audience member criticises parts of the Labour Party for their treatment of Jeremy Corbyn.

Trump’s decision to hold a rally in Tulsa, the location of the single worst incident of racial violence in American history, on Juneteenth, a holiday celebrating the freeing of slaves, is abhorrent and a wink at his racist supporters. He doesn’t even need votes in Oklahoma.

The administration's ban on transgender servicemembers begins today. It is abhorrent. Every American should be able to serve their country, and I can't believe we're still debating that in 2019. We have to reverse this as soon as we can.

#QuidProJoe only thinks “abhorrent” when @realDonaldTrump  says it but when he uses it himself it’s totally fine. In his defense Biden couldn’t remember he was VP for Obama 2 weeks ago so I’m sure this just slipped his mind like everything else!

Among the answers Trump could have given to the Jean Carroll accusations are, “are you kidding? I would never do that.” Or “rape is abhorrent. I’m disgusted someone could think I’d do such a thing. Let alone accuse me of it." Instead he went with, “she’s not my type"

I have repeatedly called for Kirstjen Nielsen's resignation for her lies in service of ’s abhorrent immigration policies, and I welcome her decision today. History will not judge her or the president kindly.

I hope our Government will condemn far-right retweets by Donald Trump. They are abhorrent, dangerous and a threat to our society.

The words used by the President, as related to me directly following the meeting by those in attendance, were not “tough,” they were abhorrent and repulsive.

What more must my family be put through right now? This is abhorrent.