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A-level and GCSE pupils to get provisional grades in June

Sixth-form and college students from poorer homes find themselves about three A-level grades behind their more affluent classmates on average, research has found.

Shadow Education Secretary Kate Green questions Gavin Williamson on plans for this year's A-level and GCSE results in England. She asks if he is confident the grades, which will be decided by teachers, will be "fair and consistent".

“We’ve been living in uncertainty for many months.” A-level student Renae Gardner tells @jonsnowC4  that this year has been “horrendous”.

Ofqual adviser quits over scrapped A-Level and GCSE exams and ‘warns students face free for all’ as teachers award marks

Teachers and education experts warn new A-Level and GCSE plan will be 'wide open to abuse'

Boris Johnson defends plans to get teachers to grade England's GCSE and A-level students this year, calling it a "good compromise". @darshnasoni  meets students affected by the decision.

Tory MPs savage Gavin Williamson's 'Wild West' A-Level and GCSE plan with 'baked in' grade inflation

Teachers and education experts warn new A-Level and GCSE plan will be 'wide open to abuse'

The Education Secretary has insisted A-level and GCSE grades decided by teachers will be fair amid concerns that the plan will result in grade inflation ✍️: @Eleanor_Busby 


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So excited to go to Oxford!! Well done to all A-level students - the hardest year. Best wishes for life ahead!

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A-level and GCSE students in England will have results based on teacher assessments after U-turn

Today’s a-level'>English A-Level students are getting results decided by a computer based on whether they are rich or poor and if they are lucky will get into up to £55k of debt to watch online lectures in their bedrooms. It’s a betrayal of this generation.

🗣"There are actual real people here who are opening these envelopes and this determines their future." One A-level student from Somerset has spoken to ITV News about her frustrations with this year's grading system. Read more:

As the government faces mounting criticism for its handling of the A-level results fiasco, Test and Trace staff are asked to focus their attentions on trying to locate Boris Johnson.

Damage from A-level fiasco now affecting all aspects of government, as Dominic Raab is downgraded to 'Dominic Rbbb'.

‘Increasing A-level grades will mean a whole generation could end up promoted beyond their abilities’ says Minister for Irony.

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Good luck to every1 picking up there A-Level results today :D x

If you got the A-level results you wanted: well played. If you didn't: just work hard in the real world and it won't make any difference. ?

Good luck with your exams but don't take it seriously- I have no A-Levels and am now studied for A-Level, it's all rhubarb.