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After the A-level fiasco, after coronavirus, what is the future for universities?

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Miranda Meldrum's recovery from locked-in syndrome is nothing short of amazing. Four years ago she was paralysed but now the Wiltshire teenager is studying for an A-level.

A-level and GCSE students may have to sit exams in public buildings next summer, says Gavin WIlliamson

October is volatile & the VIX historically peaks, “jumping to [a level of] more than 21..on average over the past 30 yrs”. & this month is an interesting month of market fear cause it’s an election involving one of our most volatile Presidents of all time.

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Despite COVID19, UK universities are seeing a record number of foreign students (from outside EU) who have gained places on bases of adjusted A-level results.

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He carried over the tradition from his own parents, who would walk 12 kilometres to Kakamega High School to sit in the compound every day when he was doing his Form 4 and A-level exams.

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EXCLUSIVE: Tory MPs urged to help reveal ‘cover-up’ by the Government over A-level

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Risk of more A-level chaos in 2021 if government doesn't plan for exams delay, Labour warns

Ofqual advised Gavin Williamson to hold exams — and warned him calculating GCSE and A-level grades could be ‘impossible’ in March

The head of the exams watchdog has said it was a "fundamental mistake" to believe a controversial algorithm initially used for A-level and GCSE results would "ever be acceptable to the public"


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A-level and GCSE students in England will have results based on teacher assessments after U-turn

🗣"There are actual real people here who are opening these envelopes and this determines their future." One A-level student from Somerset has spoken to ITV News about her frustrations with this year's grading system. Read more:

Today’s a-level'>English A-Level students are getting results decided by a computer based on whether they are rich or poor and if they are lucky will get into up to £55k of debt to watch online lectures in their bedrooms. It’s a betrayal of this generation.

As the government faces mounting criticism for its handling of the A-level results fiasco, Test and Trace staff are asked to focus their attentions on trying to locate Boris Johnson.

Damage from A-level fiasco now affecting all aspects of government, as Dominic Raab is downgraded to 'Dominic Rbbb'.

‘Increasing A-level grades will mean a whole generation could end up promoted beyond their abilities’ says Minister for Irony.

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'I've never got a D in my life ever, I just don't want a D' A student has told ITV News she is 'really upset and annoyed' after her predicted A-Level grades of an A,B,B turned into a B,D,B. More here:

Good luck to every1 picking up there A-Level results today :D x

If you got the A-level results you wanted: well played. If you didn't: just work hard in the real world and it won't make any difference. ?

Good luck with your exams but don't take it seriously- I have no A-Levels and am now studied for A-Level, it's all rhubarb.