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Here are some of the business stories you need to read today: 💰 US billionaires have become $565 billion richer since March 18 📈 ZoomInfo just went public. No, not that Zoom 💬 Mark Cuban had seriously weighed a run for president last month

Coronavirus: What’s it like to be laid off over Zoom?

Slack was judged by Zoom standards, and it didn’t end well

Slack shares sink nearly 15% in after-hours trading following guidance increase that couldn’t compare to Zoom’s meteoric rise.

EXCLUSIVE: Zoom in Talks With Google to Use Cybersecurity Service - by @kmclaughlinSF 

Zoom’s pledge to work with law enforcement has angered some users, drawing criticism amid nationwide protests about the role of police in the U.S. More via @business :

The. Pst powerful thing I’ve seen today. Zoom in and see thousands upon thousands of people facedown hands behind their backs. This message is LOUD!!!! #BLM 

Zoom defenders cite legit reasons to not end-to-end encrypt free calls @dangoodin001  @alexstamos  @ncweaver  @joncallas 

$ZM Zoom Is a Winner, but the Stock Is Fairly Valued Here


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my days are made up of zoom meetings and playing dress up ☁️⚡️⚡️

I was just on a Zoom call that ended automagically after 40 minutes because the organizer was on a free tier. This is the single greatest advance to meeting productivity that I’ve ever seen. Would pay extra for this feature.

12 hours until #DAISIES  🌼 is out! The music video premiere page is now LIVE at . Hope it’s ok if I zoom bomb your party tonight 😬💁🏼‍♀️🎉

Take a look inside the cockpit of the @BlueAngels  as they zoom over the USS Harry S. Truman!

Q2 GDP Up 2.1% Not bad considering we have the very heavy weight of the Federal Reserve anchor wrapped around our neck. Almost no inflation. USA is set to Zoom!

Would be sooo great if the Fed would further lower interest rates and quantitative ease. The Dollar is very strong against other currencies and there is almost no inflation. This is the time to do it. Exports would zoom!

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