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Last night in the NBA had a time-travel quality to it - we got a glimpse of the future with Zion, as well as a look at the recent past in Toronto, but in the end, both LeBron and Giannis showed why they are the ones with a grip so firmly on the present.

The @ADL_National  has called on the leaders of Egypt and Oman #antisemitico  remove books, including 'Mein Kampf' and 'The Protocols of Zion' from its state-run bo @Donna_Rachel_k  fairs, reports.

LeBron James praises Zion Williamson following first Lakers-Pelicans matchup.

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Is it possible that Zion isn't getting *enough* attention? @JeffZillgitt  certainly thinks so.

Woooooooo. Ric Flair set us up for LeBron James and Zion Williamson, and if it was pro wrestling, we would've gotten the showdowns. Instead, we saw LBJ flex his evolving game, hitting from deep while NOLA could just shrug


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Zion did him too dirty with this jab step 🤭

Zion Williamson seems like an outstanding young man as well as an outstanding basketball player. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

UNREAL Zion went off for 22 PTS and went 4/4 from 3PT in 18 minutes in his NBA debut ?

A month after Zion gave a young fan his shoes, the fan returned the favor ❤️ (via spencer.workman/IG)

Zion’s rookie season about to be wild ? (via @HoHighlights )

"I wouldn't be here without my mom. She did everything for me." What a moment for Zion Williamson, who shed tears after being drafted No. 1 overall. #NBADraft