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Yup. In his back yard in Lincolnshire, England. It’s still there. See my earlier Tweets for a photo.

Type the year you turned 10 into the GIF search... Yup.

1986. Yup. Since then. Incredible what you can find of yourself on @EBay . Unreal... #life 

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Yup, someone modded Isabelle into Resident Evil 3 ... but as Jill Valentine, not Nemesis (rats)

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YUP#90dayfiancebeforethe90days  is still the best show on tv right now. Ed sweating like Frosty in the greenhouse is the greatest!

Yup but they never made to the NFC championship under Mike Smith until I came to the team. #pick6  #HOF 

@jewstein3000  Yup' alt='JeanTer82510682Yup' /'>@JeanTer82510682Yup . I was part of a show that put him on the air and let him sell more than he ever had before , AND if you watched the show I was supportive, as I always am of making every product here

Yup, but by all means, defiantly go "worship", you selfish morons.


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Yup, the rumor is true. Flat Earthers have supporters all around the globe.

YUP! @BTS_twt  is confirmed to attend the #BBMAs ! ? Don't miss the show, LIVE May 21st at 8e/5p on ABC.

You already know what today is..... Yup you guessed it. ? TUEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSDAY??????

Hardest part about touring is figuring out how to work different showers. Yup

The whistleblower told us: - Trump pressured Ukraine to manufacture dirt on Biden. Confirmed. - Military aid to Ukraine was held up for unknown reasons. Also right. - Call records were hidden away in a classified system. Yup. No wonder the IG found the whistleblower credible.

Yup. We got the band back together. Another season of Cosmos is officially real. “COSMOS: Possible Worlds” To air on & @NatGeoChannnel  in a year — Spring 2019. Be there.

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yup. this is Kenya at night. No filter, no photoshop. just a long exposure. Yes, that is a galaxy in there.

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holy sh1t thank you for winning us the peoples choice awards for favorite breakout. you're all my favorite breakout. kinda sorta yup

Guess what? @DavidBurtka  and I got married over the weekend. In Italy. Yup, we put the 'n' and 'd' in 'husband'.

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