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Glory never fades. Tribute paid to the most heroic Chinese Expeditionary Force who dedicated their youth and sacrificed their life on Songshan battlefield in 1944, SW China’s Yunnan.

Live: Take a bus tour with CGTN for an extraordinary view of Dali, Yunnan#PanoramicChina  #PRC70 

Police hold a mass drill in southwest China's Yunnan Province to promote combat capability

Live: Take a bus tour with CGTN to explore China's largest flower market in Yunnan#PanoramicChina  #PRC70 

Nine people missing after a sudden landslide triggered by heavy rain in Qiaojia County, SW China’s Yunnan, at 4:40 am on Thursday, according to local authorities. Rescue work is underway.

Lying on SW border of China, Yunnan Province is diverse in natural scenery and ethic cultures. Karst landscapes, flower cakes and the Yi minority culture are all here. Here are some highlights. What do you think of the province? Leave a comment! #ChinaCharm  #70YearsThriving 

9 people have been confirmed dead in a landslide in southwest China's Yunnan Province

Yunnan Tin : China's Yunnan Tin cuts planned 2019 tin output by around 10% #Stock  #MarketScreener 

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FAST AND FURIOUS: Surveillance footage shows ostrich running freely through the streets of China's Yunnan province after getting startled by visitors and escaping its keeper's home. It took half an hour to return the big bird to its owner.

1,100 drones stage an amazing light show in the old town of Weishan in Yunnan, China, as the town celebrates a traditional torch festival

Instead of fancy accessories, these “animal nannies” in Pu’er National Park of southwest China’s Yunnan Province “fell down” with an array of cleaning tools and food when doing an eco-friendly version of the #FallingStarsChallenge .

A Shaolin monk in SW China’s Yunnan practices his light-body mastery💪

How sweet! Two wild baby monkeys were rescued by local police from animal traffickers in southwest China's Yunnan Province. Find out how they get along with their new "moms" and "dads"

A meteorite has been filmed lighting up the night sky as it entered the earth's atmosphere over Yunnan, China

6 million years ago, giant otters weighing more than 100lbs lived in the wooded wetlands of China's Yunnan province:

Wondering how big #Supermoon  (the largest since 1948) can be? Check out photos taken in SW China's Yunnan

A child rests with a cat at a shelter in Yunnan province's earthquake zone. Editor's Choice:

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Death toll from China's #Yunnan  earthquake reaches 398, officials say &

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