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"Now we’re all, as the president said of former Yovanovitch'>Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, going to go through some things," writes @michelleinbklyn  in her latest commentary.

Goldberg: Republican senators knew who Trump was and they refused to remove him. Now we’re all, as the president said of the former ambassador Yovanovitch'>Marie Yovanovitch, going to go through some things. @realDonaldTrump  @senatemajldr  @GOPLeader  @VP  @LindseyGrahamSC  @RepDougCollins 

Retired US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch on China and US responses to the coronavirus: “It turns out that the truth matters and epidemics can't be subdued by tweet.” #coronavirus 

Yovanovitch'>Marie Yovanovitch, the ex-U.S. ambassador to Ukraine who testified in Trump's impeachment trial, talked at IU about our coronavirus response.

Yovanovitch'>Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch on COVID: “It turns out that truth matters, and epidemics can’t be subdued by tweet.” This provokes cheers & applause by audience at @IndianaUniv  @IUSGIS  #ARW2020 

Yovanovitch accepts first ever Lugar award (a compass honoring those who follow their true north, says the college president) from @IndianaUniv  @IUSGIS  school and dedicates it to women and men at to fo @StateDeptter  diplomacy.

@AmbFeinstein : @IUSGISstudents  can certainly find Ukraine on map; asks Yovanovitch why Americans should care about UKR. (wrt Pompeo claim that Americans don’t.) She says: UKR is testing ground for Russian aggression so must be proving ground for US response. #ARW2020 

Yovanovitch ref her role in impeachment inquiry: As govt officials, “you are called upon to tell the truth is important to tell the truth.” Also cites @nytimes  “test” — if there’s going to be a NYT headline about you, “what do you want it to say?” @IUSGIS  #ARW2020 

Yovanovitch notes how America’s policy decisions can wash up on the shores of of their nations, sometimes with devasting effects. She adds: “If you are shouting - whether in person or on the internet- no one is listening and no one can be heard.” @IUSGIS  #ARW2020 

People are lined up in cold/flurries at @IndianaUniv ⁩ to hear Yovanovitch'>Marie Yovanovitch, the former ambassador to Ukraine who got snared in the Trump administration’s shadow foreign policy. It will be live streamed at 11:15 @IUSGIS ⁩ #ARW2020 

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“He made a mistake,” @NancyPelosi  says on Trump's tweet about Yovanovitch during her testimony. “I think part of it is his own insecurity as an impostor...he knows full well he's in that office way over his head. And so he has to diminish everyone else.”

@RepStefanik : "I just want to get it on record. In terms of defensive lethal aid, which you were an advocate for, that was NOT provided by President Obama. It was provided by President Trump." Yovanovitch: "That's correct."

Everywhere Yovanovitch'>Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad. She started off in Somalia, how did that go? Then fast forward to Ukraine, where the new Ukrainian President spoke unfavorably about her in my second phone call with him. It is a U.S. President’s absolute right to appoint ambassadors.

Americans know about Trump's Ukraine scheme because people with a sense of duty were willing to step forward and speak out. People like Ambassadors Yovanovitch and Taylor, Lt. Col. Vindman, Dr. Hill. They were willing to risk their careers. Can Members of Congress do the same?

Feeling a little down today about the state of our republic? Here's a way to cheer you up! Yovanovitch'>Nominate Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch for the JFK Profile in Courage Award. Deadline is Feb 15.

Let’s judge Trump’s conduct by his words and deeds: Yovanovitch'>Recalls Ambassador Yovanovitch, after she’s falsely smeared. PraisesUkraine’s corrupt former prosecutor. Asks Ukraine to investigate his rival. Holds up aid until it does. That’s not anti-corruption. Just corruption.

Right now, President Trump is watching our hearing and tweeting baseless attacks against Yovanovitch'>Ambassador Yovanovitch. This is witness intimidation in real time. And we won’t stand for it.

“My support for Donald Trump has never been greater than it is right now. It is paramountly obvious watching this, these people have to go. You elected Donald Trump to drain the Swamp, well, dismissing people like Yovanovitch is what that looks like. Dismissing people like Kent..

Next week, the House Intelligence Committee will hold its first open hearings as part of the impeachment inquiry. On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, we will hear from William Taylor and George Kent. On Friday, November 15, 2019, we will hear from Yovanovitch'>Marie Yovanovitch. More to come.