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Lutsenko recently told The NYT that Yovanovitch “pressed him not to prosecute anti-corruption activists.” Lutsenko previously reportedly said the do-not-prosecute list included a founder of the Soros-funded Ukraine group Anti-Corruption Action Centre (2/3).

BREAKING: JW announced it has filed a FOIA lawsuit against the State Dept. seeking docs related to a reported “untouchables list” given in late 2016 by former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch to Ukraine Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko (1/3).

JW is investigating if prominent conservative figures/journalists & persons w/ties to @realDonaldTrump  were unlawfully monitored by the State Dept in Ukraine at the request of ousted U.S. Yovanovitch'>Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, an Obama appointee. READ:

As Hill columnist John Solomon wrote opinion columns in early April 2019 attacking Yovanovitch'>Marie Yovanovitch, according to phone records produced by the House Intelligence Committee, he was in frequent phone contact with Rudy Giuliani and his associate Lev Parnas.

@NorahODonnell : "In the 2 days before Pres. Trump forced out Yovanovitch'>Marie Yovanovitch, Rudy Giuliani was on the phone with WH more than a dozen doesn't prove he was talking about Yovanovitch, but phone records suggest a ramped up effort that preceded withholding of aid."

It's a grim time for women, but my god, every week we are introduced to a new amazing role model for ourselves and our children. Yovanovitch'>Marie Yovanovitch ... Fiona Hill ... Sue Karlan. Keep 'em comin.

Judicial Watch - Judicial Watch Sues for Documents Related to Former Ukraine Ambassador MarieYovanovitch’s Alleged Intervention with Ukraine Prosecutor -

Is this a credible answer given the calls came in the midst of a campaign to discredit Yovanovitch and spread the Ukraine interference conspiracy theory - two lines Nunes continues to perpetuate?

If you’re looking for the fire of a Fiona Hill or a Marie Yovanovitch at today's impeachment hearing, you won’t get it

New call records suggest Nunes was more involved in the effort to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and smear former ambassador Yovanovitch'>Marie Yovanovitch than previously reported


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Let’s judge Trump’s conduct by his words and deeds: Yovanovitch'>Recalls Ambassador Yovanovitch, after she’s falsely smeared. PraisesUkraine’s corrupt former prosecutor. Asks Ukraine to investigate his rival. Holds up aid until it does. That’s not anti-corruption. Just corruption.

“My support for Donald Trump has never been greater than it is right now. It is paramountly obvious watching this, these people have to go. You elected Donald Trump to drain the Swamp, well, dismissing people like Yovanovitch is what that looks like. Dismissing people like Kent..

“He made a mistake,” @NancyPelosi  says on Trump's tweet about Yovanovitch during her testimony. “I think part of it is his own insecurity as an impostor...he knows full well he's in that office way over his head. And so he has to diminish everyone else.”

Everywhere Yovanovitch'>Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad. She started off in Somalia, how did that go? Then fast forward to Ukraine, where the new Ukrainian President spoke unfavorably about her in my second phone call with him. It is a U.S. President’s absolute right to appoint ambassadors.

Amb. Yovanovitch is a dedicated American diplomat who was forced from her position after a vicious smear campaign orchestrated by the president’s allies. Today, we’re releasing her transcript, and that of another committed public servant, Amb. McKinley.

Next week, the House Intelligence Committee will hold its first open hearings as part of the impeachment inquiry. On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, we will hear from William Taylor and George Kent. On Friday, November 15, 2019, we will hear from Yovanovitch'>Marie Yovanovitch. More to come.

Right now, President Trump is watching our hearing and tweeting baseless attacks against Yovanovitch'>Ambassador Yovanovitch. This is witness intimidation in real time. And we won’t stand for it.

My Republican colleagues would have the American public believe that Ambassador MarieYovanovitch's testimony is not relevant to our impeachment inquiry. One person who thought she was relevant? President Trump, who brought her up in his July 25 call with Zelensky.

@RepStefanik : "I just want to get it on record. In terms of defensive lethal aid, which you were an advocate for, that was NOT provided by President Obama. It was provided by President Trump." Yovanovitch: "That's correct."