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Navy hospital ship deployed to New York City with 1,000-be capacity is only treating 20 patients

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"Don't send us to battle without weapons." Nurses at a medical center protested in the Bronx, demanding more personal protective equipment. So far, at least 1,562 people in New York City have died from COVID-19.

Grimm reality in New York City. There are so many cremations needed right now wooden caskets take too long to burn. "It would be better if everybody just used a simple cardboard box,” said one director of a NYC cremation facility. via @WSJ 

New York City wants you to call the cops on people who fail social distancing. There's no need for this.

Tiffany Pinckney remembers the fear when COVID-19 stole her breath. So when she recovered, the New York City mother became one of the country's first survivors to donate her blood to help treat other seriously ill patients.

New York City is offering prisoners at Rikers Island $6 per hour — a fortune by prison labor standards — and personal protective equipment if they agree to help dig mass graves on Hart Island.

Coronavirus count soars beyond 52,000 in New York City, with 1,584 fatalities

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called Friday for a national enlistment program for doctors and nurses to handle an expected surge in cases in New York and other places around the country.

NBC News: One New York City cemetery director says she receives up to six calls about funerals and visitations "on a normal day." On Thursday, she had over 100 calls. It's almost impossible to say good-bye to your loved ones, @jonathan4ny  reports:


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I am working very hard to help New York City & State. Dealing with both Mayor & Governor and producing tremendously for them, including four new medical centers and four new hospitals. Fake News that I won’t help them because I don’t like Cuomo (I do). Just sent 4000 ventilators!

Heading to the Great State of Virginia now, will be there shortly. The #USNSComfort  is “loaded to the gills” at Naval Station Norfolk, departing for New York City this afternoon.

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So sad to see that New York City and State are falling apart. All they want to do is investigate to make me hate them even more than I should. Governor Cuomo has lost control, and lost his mind. Very bad for the homeless and all!

People have died in the ER while waiting for a bed. There aren't enough ventilators. This entire hospital will soon be dedicated to the coronavirus. New York City hospitals are at the center of the pandemic in the U.S. “It’s apocalyptic," one doctor said.

UPDATE: We are sending 1 million N95 masks to New York City. 500,000 N95 masks will go to Long Island. We are purchasing 6,000 additional ventilators and gathering supplies from every source we can get.

I grew up in New York City and, over many years, got to watch how GREAT NYC’s “Finest” are. Now, because of weak leadership at Governor & Mayor, stand away (water thrown at them) regulations, and lack of support, our wonderful NYC police are under assault. Stop this now!

JUST IN: 2 local friends see each other unexpectedly on the street in New York City

New York City EMS received 6,406 medical 911 calls yesterday. It was the highest volume ever recorded in the city, surpassing the record that had been set on Sept. 11, 2001.

From an ER doc in New York City on shift today: “Today. Is. F’ing. Nuts. It kinda blew up here. And sending home lots of people undoubtedly positive because we don’t test on discharged patients. This has been spreading a long time.”

I cannot believe we are playing the MetLife stadium today! Everything about this is surreal. I still can't believe I'm even in New York City