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@realDonaldTrump  @elizabethformaAs  president would Biden curb arm sales to Saudi Arabia? "Yes. We should not make our policy based on who we get to sell our weapons to. What a foreign policy. It makes no sense. "

Yes, the Saudi crown prince has enacted important social reforms but they have been accompanied by deepening repression and abusive practices meant to silence dissidents and critics. We're not fooled.

Levine: "Basically what happened is that for a few years Saudi oil money was funneled into buying beer for workers at tech startups. It was a misallocation of resources, yes, but it could have been a lot worse."

Saudi money? Yes. Saudi conference? No. A year after the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, Silicon Valley is snubbing Saudi Arabia’s glitzy confab at the end of this month. But conference or no conference, Saudi money continues to rule Silicon Valley.

#TrumpIsTheAntichrist  Yes Trump, there ARE killers in this world, and YOU'RE one of THEM! Saudi Arabia MURDERED and DISMEMBERED journalist #JamalKhashoggiand  they HELPED to FUND the 9/11 TERRORIST ATTACKS.

Alexis Rose has never looked better (and yes that includes the times when she seduced a Saudi prince and a Thai drug lord) | #Emmys 

On the show I talked about Trump/Biden/Ukraine, Saudi dilemma over Iran, a ‘Bridge too Far’ and Marion Marshall who retired after 39 years at the BBC. Yes 39

@NickKristof  says, "We need not be Saudi Arabia’s guard dog, or lap dog. Yes, Iran is a threat to international security — but so is Saudi Arabia."


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My follow up to Trump on Khashoggi: “Do you think it’s despicable for a government to kill a journalist?” Trump says yes but goes on to call Saudi Arabia a “terrific ally.”

Today, the Senate will vote on overriding Trump's veto of our bipartisan bill to end unlawful U.S. participation in the Saudi-led war in Yemen. This is not about partisan politics. What’s at stake are millions of innocent lives and our Constitution. I urge my colleagues vote yes.

.: "Do you think Jared Kushner and by extension President Trump, got played by MBS?" : "Yes.. Kushner's having private conversations, he has private business relations with Saudi Arabia... And he works in the White House"

These are kids starving in Yemen because of US and UK support for Saudi & UAE war crimes there. We are complicit in this starvation. Yes, we're all focused on Kavanaugh, but please spare some bandwidth for these kids. My column:

Many pro-Saudi commentators are now yelling fakenews to rebut facts about the #Khashoggi  case. Thank you Trump for fueling this horrible trend of undermining facts, denigrating media & journalists & mocking preventing rational discourse. Yes I blame you for this imitation of you.

Saudi coverup of #Khashoogi  assassination feels just as absurd and clumsy and the the Russian coverup of #Skripal  assassination attempt. Autocrats in both countries are friends of Trump. To date, Trump personally has not called out either regime. Is there a pattern? Yes.

Before my beloved #Eagles  played in the Super Bowl, I was contacted by the Saudi Embassy and asked if I wanted to fly to/from Minnesota for the game with them and attend as their guest. I of course said NO. Ive never accepted anything like that. But I wondered: who said yes?

A royal decree has been issued allowing women in Saudi Arabia to drive, per Saudi Foreign ministry. Yes this is an announcement in 2017

"No Trump, Yes Paris," projected onto famous Warsaw building Poland is not Saudi Arabia, even if some wish it were