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Though life continues to be hard, Eaman is thankful that she only lost material goods in the conflict, and not her family. Humanitarian agencies have been able to provide food & psychological support to displaced Yemenis, thanks to our donors.

Iranian-backed Houthi rebels are holding up food from millions of vulnerable Yemenis. I will continue working with @UN , @WFP  & @WFPChiefChief  to ensure the roadblocks are removed and aid is able to be delivered to those in ne #Yemend  in .

As Yemenis go hungry, many food deliveries have been blocked as Houthi rebels demand the U.N. give them a cut of the billions of dollars in international aid money, the @AP  finds.

Houthi rebels block UN’s aid delivery jeopardizing 2 million Yemenis

Front line of hunger #Hajjah  #Yemen  - millions hope current crisis between aid community and #Houthi  authorities will be resolved...80 % of Yemenis rely on assistance, more than anywhere else in the world. @WFP 

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.. earlier this month a rare glimpse of hope in #Yemen  . Yemenis need much more than this - hope donors’ meeting in Brussels finds a way forward. Our story w @DaBullCam  @tonyprod77  @SuaadS  @ahmedbaider1 


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Some argue that the U.S. is not really engaged in hostilities in Yemen. But when Yemenis see "Made in USA" on the bombs killing their children, it’s very clear that the United States is part of this horrible war. This must end.

You know else is cheering the UK election result, aside from the far right? The Saudis. Corbyn would have been the first UK leader to take a stand against them. You know who isn’t cheering? Yemenis being bombed by Saudi jets, supported by the UK (Tory) and US (GOP) governments.

During my trip to Middle East, the Yemen humanitarian groups flew into Amann to give me urgent news. Situation is so dire that 250,000 Yemenis who are currently starving now cannot be saved. And another 10m are on the cusp of that fate. How can U.S. keep sitting on its hands??

The White House empowered Saudi crown prince MBS as he confronted Qatar, as he kidnapped Lebanon's prime minister, as he starved Yemenis, as he crushed dissent. Will it continue to sell him weapons if it's confirmed that he murdered a brave journalist, Jamal Khashoggi?

Today, the House voted to end U.S. support for the war in Yemen. We cannot continue to support a war that has caused untold suffering for Yemenis. A diplomatic solution is the only resolution to this humanitarian disaster, and I hope the vote today is a step towards peace.

Volunteer lawyers here on the ground in terminal 1 drafting habeas petitions to free detained Iranians and Yemenis.

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Saudi Arabia – a country that's bombed thousands of innocent Yemenis & stands accused of murdering journalist Jamal Khashoggi – is shelling out millions to lobby the Trump Admin. My bill to #EndCorruptionNow  would ban Americans from lobbying for foreign governments like Saudi.

Today’s Saudi-led attack on a Yemeni port city could cost thousands of lives and leave millions of Yemenis without food, medicine and fuel. The Government must halt its support for this terrible conflict and act to bring the humanitarian disaster in Yemen to an end.

As the Rohingya are massacred, & Yemenis bombed, where are the calls for action from 'liberal interventionists'? The calls for no-fly zones?

Saudi Arabia is not only starving Yemenis, but it is also barring journalists (including me) from getting to Yemen to document the hunger.